Powerful Dua to Make Someone Marry You

Dua to make someone marry you
Dua to make someone marry you

The feeling of loving someone is the most amazing feeling in the world.

If you want someone to get married to you within a short period of time then you have to read this Dua for sure because it will help you in a very optimum way.

Many brothers and sisters across the world have tried this Dua to get the partner of their life whom they love immensely.

You will be glad to know the amazing benefits of this dual after reading this and getting perfect results.

How Can I Convince Someone To Marry Me

Convincing someone to marry you is not as easy a task as it looks. But though you can convince them by telling them what you feel about them and showing them how much you feel about them.

It will be a tough task but you have to keep consistent and determined towards your emotions so that the other person can understand you in a better way.

Hence, be confident and careful while reading this tour to get amazing benefits.

Dua To Make Someone Marry You

This powerful dua will help you to convince someone of your choice to get married to you in a short period of time if you read this Dua peacefully and correctly in your prayers.

This will help you to get your desired partner with More love and commitment.

Steps to perform

  • Wake up early and take a warm shower to clean yourself.
  • Now go and wear your favourite dress and sit in a clean environment.
  • And read durood sharif 27 times and then close your eyes.
  • After this read surah ikhlas 31 times and pray to allah to get your love.

Important Note

The act of praying to Allah is concerned with the deep and pure intentions of love and care. If these are done correctly then you Will get amazing results.

Hence it is very important that you read it carefully and with your intention so that you will get amazing results.

Also, it is advisable for all the girls to not read this while they are in their periods because in this way they will not get the love of their life within time.

Hence, read it on normal days to get married to someone they love.

You also recite dua-

dua to get married someone love you

Dua To Get Married To Someone You Love

If you read this Dua then you will be able to convince any person in this world who is hard to get. After reading this dua, you will realise that you have developed a great sense of commitment towards the person you love.

Also, you will get great attachments and affection towards your partner after reading this Dua.

Steps to perform

  • Clean your surface and eat a fresh sweet before starting the prayer.
  • Now make a fresh ablution and read durood sharif 85 times.
  • Then wash your hands and face and read surah al kafrun 75 times.
  • And remember the face of your partner and drink cold water.
  • Now eat a sweet dish again in the end.

If The Above Dua Is Not Working For You Then Read This

If you are not able to convince the person to marry you from the above-mentioned Dua, then you should read the alternative option which is available for you to get satisfactory results within time. Read it correctly and carefully to get amazing benefits.

Steps to perform

  1. Wash your hands and face and clean your surroundings to make a prayer.
  2. Then think of the face of your partner and start reading durood sharif 43 times.
  3. And take a bowl of water in your hands and then make a blow in the air.
  4. Now ready yaa woodoodoo yaa lateefu 55 times.


This is a very powerful Dua that can start showing its results within a short period of time if read correctly and carefully.

Hence, it is advisable for all the people across the world to make correct prayers according to the instructions mentioned above so that all the people can get amazing results within time.

This prayer is the blessings of Allah which can lead to certain miracles if your intentions and emotions are pure and clean towards the person you love so much.

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