Benefits Of Reciting Quran Pak

The Quran Pak is an Arabic word which means “To Learn” or “To Gain The Knowledge. It was revealed in our last Prophet PBUH. Quran Pak is officially written in the Arabic language.

The Quran Pak is the word of Allah and Allah SWT takes himself the responsibility to protect the Quran. The Quran has 114 Verse (Ayat) 14 Sajdah (Prostrate) 540 Ruku, 7 Manzil and 30 Para. It has some Makki Surah and Some Madani Surah which means that some verses of the Quran were revealed in Makkah and some were in Medina.

Why We Should Recite Quran Pak

Most people think that why we should recite the Quran Pak it tells the only history and teach us but that is not the correct answer. Because Quran Pak is the source of forgiveness. Quran Pak is the source of light in the grave.

Whoever recites the Quran Pak Allah SWT will remove his All sins. But the most important thing is that if a person recites Quran Pak with the translation then Allah SWT will pleasure with him and remove his All sins.

Quran Pak is the source of beauty. If a person recites Quran Pak at a particular time then the angels will wait for him until he is over his recitation. If a person recites Quran Pak daily in the morning his memory will boost up.

If a person recites Quran Pak loud Allah SWT will create the sweetness in his sound. Whoever makes a habit to recite Quran Pak in their daily life then Allah SWT his open the door of happiness for him, Allah SWT will remove his all sins.

Allah SWT will close the door of hell on him, his face will shine, Allah SWT will guide him on the right path and he will go to paradise. You also read this Dua e Tawassul – Seeking Nearness To Allah.

Quran Is The Sea Of Knowledge

Quran is the best book in all over the world and Hereafter. It guides not every Muslim but every human that what to do and what not to do.

Quran has lots of knowledge about People, prophets, History, Geography, Earth, Water, Animals, Birds, Stars, Sky, Day of judgment, Day, Night, and much more. Quran is the deep ocean of knowledge. It tells us about every chapter.

Main Theme Of The Quran

Quran is the source of Motivation. Allah SWT motivate his slaves through Quran that if the people fall into the biggest trouble not to worry Allah SWT is big than the trouble.

Allah SWT motivate them and gets rid of their depression by reciting Quran. You should also recite “The Best Reasons To Observe Ramadan This Year.

Quran Pak also tells us how Allah SWT helps his slaves. The Example is “The Battle If Badr” only 313 was companions of the Prophet PBUH and the angels sent by Allah SWT to help his Prophet To Conquer the First battle of Islam.

Allah SWT teaches us about prayer through Quran that how many times we should recite Namaz, how many Raka’at, and which Verse we should recite Surah Fatiha is an obligatory Surah is recited in each prayer. Also tell us about Friday Prayers, Eid Prayers, Janaza Prayer, Sun eclipse, and moon eclipse.

Allah SWT guide us through Quran that we should clean ourselves because Cleanliness is half religion. Allah SWT tells us how, when, and where we should clean ourselves. But not only ourselves also clean our home, environment, and food.

Halal and Haram:
Allah SWT guides us about Halal and Haram things through Quran that what things we should eat and what we should not eat. Allah SWT also guides us to protect ourselves and earn money from haram places.

Cover Yourself:
Allah SWT commands every Muslimah to cover their face, body, and voice.

Allah SWT tells us how to grow to cultivate food on earth through Learn Quran it is the most beneficial thing.

Allah SWT also tells us about Business through Quran and how we should deal with people and business in a righteous way.

Allah SWT tells us about love and what is love? and how we can show love? that is why Allah SWT ordered his Prophet PBUH to meet with Allah SWT on the night of 27 Rajab in the Heavens.

Rights Of People:
Allah SWT guide us through Quran that what are the rights of the Father, the Rights Of Mothers, the Rights If Children, the Rights Of relative, the Rights of animals, and much more.

Allah SWT teaches us through Quran about Friday Sermon, Hajj sermon, and Eid sermon and how we should perform sermons.

Allah SWT tells us about through Quran that Allah SWT takes the exam of Prophet Yunus in the abdomen of Fish and Prophet Yunus recites Al-Quran. Allah SWT also said that he is with the one who does Patience.

Allah SWT also said about Married in the Quran that how we should do Married and how we should live with our partner. Also, Allah SWT said about conditions of Married, Rules Of Married, Walima, Divorce and the rights of husband and wife.

Allah SWT command us through Quran that we should earn money but in the right way and give money for the sake of Allah SWT, to the poor and hopeless people and do Sadaqah. Because it is the source of forgiveness.


If you want to know about these all things that give you benefits so you should recite Quran and guide others to recite Quran too.