Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage & Its Benefits


Istikhara For Love Marriage In Islam

Asalam Alaikum my brothers and sisters. Today we are going to discuss istikhara dua for love marriage and its related queries and doubts you have in mind.

Also, we will tell you “how to do istikhara”. How to succeed in making istikhara for love marriage? What are the benefits of istikhara? And many more, all these questions would only be answered here.

Because many people are curious if they have chosen the right partner or not?

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Istikhara for marriage
Making Istikhara dua for marriage is the best way to seek Allah guidance.

Istikhara is seeking guidance on the best of two options. You can seek the guidance of Allah for options that you have, to decide the best for you.

Mostly istikhara is used on the occasion of marriage. But the problem is many people are there in our society who do not have proper knowledge of doing “istikhara for marriage dua”.

In most cases, they do it for themselves or by their friends (who have no knowledge of this).

We suggest that you do istikhara ki dua yourself only when you have adequate knowledge on this topic. Moreover, if you want to do istikhara for yourself or for someone.

Always seek the help of an expert. You can also consult Molana Faqeer Ali about the istikhara online.

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How To Do Istikhara For Marriage?

So now understand the correct way to do istikhara for marriage. Many people do it when they don’t understand anything.

Understand this by example, a girl receives a marriage proposal from a boy, that she does not want to accept that marriage proposal. She then insists on doing istikhara. This is totally wrong and a lot of people misunderstand it.

They get help from istikhara for love marriage for every decision they don’t want to make or accept.

It should be done when you agree with a decision and want Allah to decide whether it is correct or not.

This is the correct way to seek the guidance of Allah. Because there may be a possibility that what you think is right for you is actually wrong and Allah will choose the best for you.

You can also go for dua for love back if you are facing love-related issues.

Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage -:

  • Do namaz 5 times regularly for 5 days. (If you don’t do it regularly).
  • Read durood-e-sharif 9 times.
  • After that, go to surah number seven, that is, Al-a-raf.
  • Start doing istikhara dua for love marriage with praise to Allah.
  • Remember to face the Qiblah while doing dua for marriage.
  • Read the istikhara dua given below.

Remember one thing not everyone can perform istikhara for love marriage. It requires some power to be acquired before performing it.

Without proper knowledge of Islam, you cannot do it successfully. It is suggested to take the help of Islamic scholars for this. If you are aware of this, read the dua.

istikhara dua for love marriage
Do this istikhara for love marriage to seek Allah’s guidance.

Benefits Of Istikhara For Marriage

In Islam, istikhara plays an important role to seek the best for you. Using this, no matter how confused you are or lack the confidence to choose a big decision.

This is what you need!

Remember one thing that Allah (the Most Merciful) will always choose the best for you. It is good to go for what he decides for you.

So here are some of the benefits that you will have if you go with istikhara dua.

To Seek Goodness

Whenever someone feels a lack of self-confidence while making any decision. Or have doubt that whether you should go for it or not.

Then it is recommended that he or she should do istikhara dua for marriage with the intention to seek goodness and then go with the decision.

Also, if you want effective results you can make dua for love marriage at holy places with humble appearance.

To Seek Consultation

In Quran, it is clearly mentioned that the best way to solve problems is to seek Allah’s help.

He is the most knowledgeable and well informed about your problem. Seeking his help will definitely help you in getting out of any problem you want.

Because istikhara dua not only allows the person to have an answer but also increases his faith in the almighty.

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To Act In A Situation Of Ambiguity

People have different problems in their life like love problems, marriage problems, financial problems, and many more.

Also, you must have to face some barriers in your life. But you don’t know what Allah has decided for your future.

Maybe these problems make you strong or maybe they will prove better for your future. You must always seek Allah’s guidance by istikhara for love marriage by saying Allah please help in getting unite with my true love.

Insha Allah, you will observe the positivity in your life and would be thankful to Allah.

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