Simple Guidance For You In Dua To Make Someone Love You


Asalam Alaikum to all readers, Sometimes we meet people and we fall in love with them. You can easily perform dua for love to come back on Friday night after performing tawassul.

The dua to make someone love you will be beneficial for you to get married to your loved ones. Read Dua to increase love in husband heart and Dua to make someone contact you for this.

There is a Duo in Islam by which you can win someone’s heart easily within a short period of time. Read Dua for love between husband and wife and dua to make someone think of you for this.


This article is about winning someone’s heart with the help of Islamic wazifas and duas written in the holy book Quran. We have provided powerful ways and duas which will help you to marry someone you love immensely.

If you want to make someone talk to you then you should read the Islamic Wazifa for better results. Read Dua to make someone miss you and Wazifa for love back in one day for this.

There is a Dua by which you can make your parents agree to your love marriage process. Read Dua for husband love and attraction and Surah to make someone love you for this.

Wazifa To Make Someone Love You

Here is the Powerful wazifa to make someone fall in love with you from molana Ji. If you do this wazifa during Ramadan month then it will work 100% whatever the condition is.

Besides, you can also read istikhara dua to make sure if your choice is correct or not.

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dua To Make Someone Love You:-

  1. Take a deep sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.
  2. Now clean your face and body by taking a cold shower in the early morning.
  3. After this take a delicious breakfast to eradicate your hunger and then sit in a silent place.
  4. After this, you have to read the surah-al-barqarah 34 times before making the wazifa.
  5. Now read Rabbish rahli sadri wa yassirli amri wah lul uqdatan min lisaani yaf kahu kauli.
  6. After this, you need to open chapter 23 of the holy book Quran.
  7. Here you have to read the surah-al-muminun5 times and pray to Allah to bless you.

It feels very annoying when you are not able to convince a person to get married. If you want to convince them to fall in love with you, then you can read this Dua along with proper instructions to get maximum benefit.

We guarantee that your love will contact you in 72 hours after doing this.

If you have any doubt about performing dua, then you can consult molana faqeer Ali on WhatsApp.


because we are providing the solutions for the problems between husband and wife in their marriage life which is not good for their future. With the help of our articles, we will get a certain direction and information which will be helpful in solving all your marriage-related problems. You can also share this article with your friends and family so that they can get help from it.

How Do You Make Someone Fall In Love With You By Wazifa?

To make someone love you you have to follow each given point below and should do dua for making someone love you facing the qiblah direction.

It is not bad if you ask Allah to make someone love you And marry you in the future. Allah will bless him for you and you will get halal with him. Read Wazifa for husband come back and Dua for marriage problem solution for this.

Allah has miraculous power and he can make someone love you instantly.

If you love your boyfriend which is from another religion then read this dua to solve the matter. Read Dua to make someone love you back and dua for love marriage for this.

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Make Someone Love You:-

  1. Start by doing wuzu.
  2. Then sit down in a quiet and clean place.
  3. First of all, start reading durood Ibrahim 3 times.
  4. After that, recite the ‘dua to make someone love you’ given below in the picture.
  5. Then reread Durood Ibrahim three times.
  6. Lastly, pray to Allah for your love back.
  7. Do this wazifa to get someone to fall in love for 3 days.

Insha Allah, your desire would be fulfilled by Allah.

wazifa to make someone love you
Islamic Wazifa to Make Someone Crazy in Love With You.

If the person is not understanding your feelings and does not want to be a part of your life, then you can read the following dua so that you can make them fall in love with you. Read surah Yasin 64 times. Now read Allahumma layyin qalbi fulan binti fulan Hindu deity layyintil hadidi. Read this dua 64 times.

Important Notable Mention:-

Another important thing you have to remember is that while doing this wazifa you should not consume alcohol and girls should not do it while they are having their periods.

In Islam, if you love someone sincerely, then Allah will help you to be with that person in the future. Read Dua to make someone do what you want and wazifa for love marriage success this.

It is not Haram to ask Allah to get married to your crush and make them like you back. Read Dua for someone passing away and dua for someone marry you for this.

Dua For Making Someone Love You

Do you want the true love of your life? Do you want to marry your love? Read the following dua after reciting Sura An-Nur.

You need to do best dua for love. This is the most powerful wazifa you only need to make someone love you forever.

dua to make someone love you
Here is the dua for making someone love you again.

Wazifa To Make Someone Crazy In Love

This is another wazifa for making someone love you which also has numerous benefits. This can be used if you want to marry your lover.

If you are in love with someone then tell her that you want to be a part of her life in the future. Read Dua to make someone fall in love with truly and Dua to make someone love you mad for this.

If The Above-Mentioned Duas Are Not Working For You Then Read This

If the previous mention of the dua is not helping you to approach any person and you are not getting satisfactory results from it, then you can read the alternate option available to get desired results.

  • Read surah-al-kafiraan 99 times.
  • Now read  Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin.
  • Read this dua 48 times

We do not deceive any person, we give it after completing its work and this video is in front of you. And this video is not false, you can also talk to them. If you want to see more of our  video then click here on the youtube link

Comparison Between 2 Dua And We Like Or We Don’t like

In this article, we like the duo to make someone think of you because it will adjust the situations around that person in such a way that he will consistently think about you and feel good for you. Apart from this, we don’t like the Dua to make someone love you back because it does not ensure the development of feelings in someone’s heart for you.


You know, love relationships are beautiful but are more difficult to survive.

As described along with that you can perform surah for love marriage accordingly if you need it. 

You can make Dua for love in Islam for better relationships and the future. Read Dua to make someone marry you and wazifa for love marriage fast for this.

You can tell a girl that you love her immensely and you want to be with her in the future. Read Dua to make someone talk to you and dua to get married soon for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Ask Allah To Make Someone Love Me?

Yes, you can pray to Allah to marry your love. But you must remember that, do dua only when you really love someone. Otherwise, you will get the sin of the Almighty.

Can We Use This Wazifa To Get A Husband’s Love?

You can perform this wazifa with dua to get your husband’s love for the most effective results. Although if you have problems in your marriage for a long time, you should contact faqeer ali on WhatsApp.

Is Wazifa For Getting Love Is Haram?

It depends on your intention and the procedure you are going to follow. If you really love someone and want to marry him, there is nothing wrong with wazifa for love.

Comment on all your queries below!

Which Dua To Read To Make Someone Love You?

Surah-al-muminun is the most effective dua believed by experienced Islamic scholars for maximum benefit and result.

Can Girls Also Read This Dua?

It is fine for girls to read this dua On normal days but they need to avoid this while they are in their periods.

How And When This Dua will Start Working?

This dua will start showing its results within three days only if you read this seriously and carefully.

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