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wazifa for love marriage
Read this powerful wazifa for love marriage in 3 days to get the marry to your desired life partner. This wazifa is very strong and effective.

Can a love marriage happen by reading wazifa?  If it is possible then how will we know?  Let us tell you today how will your love marriage happen by reading the wazifa? Read This full article I will explain step by step.

Wazifa for love marriage This is a very powerful wazifa very useful for those folks that face difficulties in their married life.

Marriage is taken into account as a sacred union of two souls and bodies. Islamic wazifas are best for love marriage. Because it gives accurate results whenever you pray.
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It is not considered Haram. if you perform this Wazifa For marrying a selected person in your life. Islam permits us to love marriage if our parents and the people around us or not oppose it.

This Dua comes with a really different perspective from people of the following generation that fall dotty with one another and that they want to urge married as soon as possible. This prayer will help them to induce married.

Islam doesn’t blame doing love before marriage. Because you’ll be able to express your feelings for somebody.

You can ask Allah for a girl by making prayers to marry her within a limited period of time.  The Islamic wazifa for love marriage will be a great option to get your love.

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How To Make Strong Wazifa For Love Marriage?

This wazifa must be read with proper care so you get obviate all the issues and obstacles of affection marriage which you face in your lifetime.

It is not considered Haram to try to to this Wazifa for a selected person. if you would like to marry them.

Islam always permits girls and boys to love marriage. if the person is true for you and folks around you’re happy for it. Islam is not against love before marriage.

We guarantee that your love will contact you in 72 hours after doing this.

If you have any doubts about performing dua, then you can consult molana faqeer Ali on WhatsApp.

Wazifa For Love Marriage Solution In 3 Days

A lot of people face problems in getting married to their loved ones. As they don’t get family support or there parents do not agree in such cases here I am sharing the best solution a very effective and powerful wazifa for love marriage.

This wazifa will provide you with very fast results and helps you to get married to your choice. This wazifa also helps in cases like your partner is not ready for marriage or refuses to get married this wazifa will help you to make your partner agree to the marriage. 

Here Are The Steps For Performing Wazifa For Love Marriage

  1. Make a fresh wuzu.
  2. After that start doing 2 rakat tobah Salah.
  3. Take seven flowers (jasmine flowers) .
  4. Recite Surah ikhlas on each flower and take the name of your lover with whom you want to get married.
  5. After, that pray to Allah to remove all the difficulties you are facing during getting married.
  6. At last, take those flowers and flow them into the river.

Perform this wazifa daily for 3 days and you will see the instant results. Always keep faith and trust in Allah Ta’la. While performing wazifa keep your intentions good and perform it with pure heart.

Wazifa For Love Marriage

Now understand how this wazifa for love marriage works, and what’s the right procedure to try and do it. Also, you may know the way you’ll find and marry your lost love by doing so. For best results, you’ll be able to also recite dua for love marriage from Quran after reading durood e pak.

If you can ask Allah for a girl to marry you by making prayers. The Muslim Wazifas always work if you have pure feelings.

If you love someone sincerely, Allah will help you in all circumstances. Husband and wife Love is considered to be a true relationship.

7 Wazifa For Love Marriage Tips You Need To Learn Now

  • The procedure of creating this wazifa may be a piece of cake for you. But you’ve got to try and do it regularly and at the same time also
  • Before starting the wazifa, make a fresh wuzu.
  • Now start doing 2 rakat tobah salah (you must lie with only once) and seek forgiveness from Allah.
  • Take seven jasmine flowers and sit on a clean mat.
  • Start reciting surah ikhlas on each flower and take the name of your lover with whom you wish to just accept the love offering.
  • After doing this, pray to Allah to get rid of all obstacles from your love marriage and pour out his blessings on your love relationships
  • Finally, you must collect the seven flowers and make them flow in a river or a pond.

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Love Marriage Wazifa

If you like someone and you wish to marry him/her and you’re finding a quick wazifa to form it happen. so get relaxed, no must be worried.

As your brother brought a quick and super solid wazifa for love marriage. it’ll facilitate your convincing your partner and fogeys. so you’ve got to try to do this wazifa for just 3 days with a pure heart and believe to urge quick and best results. So here is the wazifa mentioned below: Surah Al-A’raf – 7:89.

Niyyah To Wazifa For Love Marriage

As we all know everyone wants an honest and right partner for marriage. Everyone has desires that his/her partner is loving, carrying, rich, etc. so this surah will facilitate your to urge these and everything which you want in your partner.

you’ve got to try and do this surah for 4 days with a pure heart and believe to urge quick and best results. So here is the surah mentioned below: Surah Az-Zumar – 39:46.

Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree with Parents

You don’t need to worry about this as i’ve got already written about Islamic dua to convince parents of love marriage. This dua is extremely effective and you will consider doing this.

Still, if you have got any doubts or problems, you must first consult the Recite wazifa as explained, and believe me you may marry the person you’re keen on. If you follow as mentioned, your problem is solved.

Five Things You Should Know About Wazifa For Love Marriage

Five Things You Should Know About Wazifa For Love Marriage
Five Things You Should Know About Wazifa For Love Marriage
  • Wake up in the morning and take a shower as soon as possible.
  • Now eat your favourite dish and wear good clothes.
  • Now search for a silent place and then sit on a mat.
  • After this read durood sharif 101 times and pray to Allah.
  • Then close your eyes and read  “Ya Allahu, Ya Fattahu” 19 times to agree parents.

[su_box title=”Important Notable Mention”]Convincing parents, as well as the partner for getting married, is not an easy task so you need to be very careful while reciting the prayer because it will decide how much convincing power you have developed with the help of this dua.[/su_box]

All Muslim wazifas help you in difficult times and give you relief. You can read Muslim wazifa for marriage if you want to marry a boy of your type.

If The Above Dua isn’t Working For You Then do that

If you’re still not satisfied with the results that you simply got from this Wazifa Then you’ll be able to try another Dua which will facilitate your shortly to beat these types of problems and obstacles.

Also, it’ll facilitate you to believe your parents in an exceedingly very short period of time in you’ll even be ready to convince your partner to urge married very soon. Just read the instructions mentioned within the section carefully to urge amazing results. you must recite dua for love back.

  • Take a cold shower in the early morning and then clean your face and body.
  • After this go to a place where nobody can listen to you.
  • Make a fresh ablution there and read wuzu.
  • After this read durood sharif 10 times and then remember the face of the person.
  • Now read surah taha verse 14 continuously for 15 times to agree to parents.
  • After this read durood sharif again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Takes Read This Wazifa For Love Marriage?

People of any age can read this Wazifa confidently if their emotions are pure with the partner they require. This Wazifa Will help everyone in such how that you simply will get maximum benefits and desired results as per your choice.

How To Convince Partner For Love Marriage?

It is a matter of trust issues where your partner must trust you to urge a love marriage. you furthermore might need to convince the people around your partner in order that they need to face any reasonable difficulty within the process of love marriage.

Do i would like To Read This Dua Regularly?

Yes, you need to read this duo regularly if you want consistent results. If you read this regularly, then you will observe that your life has started getting good results in every segment and you live happily wherever you go.

How To Stay Positive And Patient For a Love Marriage?

Love marriage is a game of long way process and if you stay calm and peaceful then you will be able to stay patient and positive for your love marriage. If the connections between both of you are good then you will surely get married.


In conclusion, I need you to grasp that you simply will never be disappointed during this difficult situation. Remember that Allah and your parents love you more, that’s why they always support you in delicacies.

You can ask Allah to marry the girl you like immensely. If you want to marry a girl you love and love you in the same way then pray to Allah.

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