Powefrul Dua To Get Married Soon – Dua For Immediate Marriage

Assalamualaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, to all our Qurani Duain readers. Do you want to receive instant marriage proposals? If any of our brothers and sisters are not getting married after trying so many times and everytime you fail in it. Now you don’t have to worry as Today Qurani Duain is giving you the most effective Dua “dua to get married to a specific person”.

Dua to get married soon Will solve all of your marriage-related problems in your life. This dua is also helps you to ask Allah for marriage in Islam. This is a really powerful and special Dua which might be used for immediate marriage and removing all the problems which you’ll face within the process of getting married soon.

Dua to marry someone you love is an effective dua and help you to get marry with your love.

Why you have to read this article completely?

  • This article help you to get a right person for marriage.
  • In this article Qurani duain gives you the most powerful and effective dua for getting married.
  • This article helps to resolve all your problems that occuring in your marriage.
  • This article helps you to marry with your love in three days.

If any of our readers want to get marry quicky then they have to read this article completely.

Successful Dua To Get Married Soon

What is the best du’a for getting married quickly? If you are getting old and not getting proposal for marriage then you can read our powerful Dua “dua to get married soon“. This dua is for getting married immediately in Islam.

Here is dua to get married soon,

In Arabic; اَللّٰهُمَّ اِنِّيْ اُرِيْدُ اَنْ اَتَزَوَّجَ فَقَدِّرْ لِيْ مِنَ النِّسَآءِ اَعْفِهُنَّ فَرْجًا وَ احْفَظِهُنَّ لِيْ فِيْ نَفْسِهَا وَ اَوْسِعْهُنَّ لِيْ رِزْقًا وَاَعْظَمِهُنَّ لِيْ بَرَكَةً فِيْ نَفْسِهَا وَ مَا لِيْ فَقَدِّرْ لِيْ مِنْهَا وَلَدًا طَيِّبًا تَجْعَلُهٗ خَلَفًا صَالِحًا فِيْ حَيَاتِيْ وَ بَعْدَمَوْتِي

In English; “O’ Allah! I desire to marry, so arrange for me a woman from those who willingly abstain from what is unlawful and who safeguards her soul for my sake and because of her, not only my means of sustenance will increase, but also make there be in it abundance and also make it sure that she will give me a virtuous son, who will be a noble successor in my life and after my death.”

This dua is the best dua for getting married. This dua is a good prayer for a girl’s marriage. If you want to get married in the Quran then you have to recite the above dua.

Step By Step Procedure To Perform Dua To Get Married Soon

  • First, you should clean your body with water and wear fresh clothes.
  • After this you have to read Durood Shareef 21 times.
  • Just after this you have to recite Surah-Al-Ahzab {chapter-33} 11 times.
  • Now read the above Dua “dua to get married soon”.
  • now Again you have to recite Durood Shareef 7 times.

Through these steps you can make a dua for someone you love.

dua to get married soon
Recite dua for getting married soon 1100 times after namaz prayer.


How You Can Get Married To Your Loved One Soon?

There is this man I want to marry but he is currently engaged to another woman, is it haram for me to pray to Allah that he marries me instead? No its never haram to pray to Allah for anything.

If any of our sisters and brothers want to marry to your loved one soon then you can recite our effective above dua. If your loved one is marring to another person and you are waiting for him to come back to you. Then To make him or her come back in your life and get marry to him. You can read above dua with the proper ways.

Effective Surah For A Wedding Proposal In Islam

If you want to get results quickly with this surah then you can recite this surah with the following steps. These steps make your Surah so powerful,
  • “I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Shaytan, I seek refuge in Allah from the
    accursed Shaytan, I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Shaytan.”
  • Recite this dua on Saturday night before visiting sleep:

“O Allah! you’re my Lord and you’ve got no partner. All praises are for you, O Lord of all that exists. All praises are for you, Who has no partner. O He Who is alone and has not been aided by anyone or anything else.”

  • Recite this dua on Sunday night before visiting sleep: rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqir for marriage.

The surah of Al-Ikhlas is one of the most effective surahs within the Quran
and it may be recited so as to induce married. It is believed that when someone reads
this surah, their offer will have a quick effect and that they will marry soon after.

Impressive Dua For Marriage In Islam

What dua can I keep reciting to expedite the process of a marriage proposal? If any of our readers want effective dua to keep reciting to expedite the process of a marriage proposal. This dua is good for marriage in Islam.

If you want to get married quickly then you can read our powerful dua for marriage that is given below.

Here is dua for marriage,

In Arabic; وَلاَ تَمُدَّنَّ عَيْنَيْكَ اِلٰى مَا مَتَّعْنَا بِهٖ اَزْوَاجًا مِّنْهُمْ زَهْرَةَ الْحَيٰوةِ الدُّنْيَا، لِنَفْتِنَهُمْ فِيْهِ، وَرِزْقُ رَبِّكَ خَيْرٌ وَّ اَبْقٰى. وَاْمُرْ اَهْلَكَ بِالصَّلٰوةِ وَاصْطَبِرْ عَلَيْهَا، لاَ نَسْئَلُكَ رِزْقًا، نَحْنُ نَرْزُقُكَ، وَالْعَاقِبَةُ لِلتَّقْوٰى.

In English: Do not strain your eyes towards that which we have given for enjoyment to parties (wedded pairs) of them, the splendor of the life of this world, so that we may try them in it. The provision of your lord is better and more lasting. Enjoin prayer (salat) on your followers, and adhere steadily to it, we do not ask you to provide (subsistence), (it is) We who give you subsistence; and (the good of) the hereafter is for those who safeguard themselves against evil with full awareness of divine laws.]

However, everyone must understand that Allah (SWT) never wants anything bad for us. If he’s making you wait, then there must be some hidden benefit for you. At the identical time, we’ve dua to induce married soon, which helps to unravel the wedding problem in 3-5 days.

Yes, it’s true! it’s going to seem impossible to you, but except for Allah talah everything is possible.

This is a really powerful dua that may eliminate the effort of your marriage process. Despite that, you should follow The procedure of dua to marry a specific person for the most effective results.

Steps To Perform Dua for marriage Or Dua To Get Married Soon In Your Choice And Parents

How do you make a dua for someone you want to marry?  If you want to make a dua for someone you want to marry then these important steps are for them. These steps will make your dua so strong and effective that your dua will accepted by Allah quickly and give you desire results in few days.

  • Do a fresh ablution.
  • Do bismillah 19 times.
  • Then read Durood-e-fath 79 times.
  • You can now recite dua for immediate marriage 1100 times.
  • Re-read durood-e-fath and do bismillah.
  • Finally, pray to Allah that she gets married soon.

How Can I Get Married soon In Islam?

If any of our brothers and sisters are trying to get married for so many years and still they are not getting results. Then they don’t have to worry because Qurani Duain gives you strong and powerful dua”s for getting married soon.

We also tell you about how to perform this powerful dua. If you follow our instruction given in this article then your dua will become more stonger and effective that you can get results in three days. If you want to marry your love in islam then you can read our above dua with our instruction.

Essential Dua For Getting Married Soon To A Good Husband

Here is dua for getting married soon,
In Arabic: سَهْلاً بِفَضْلِكَ يَا عَزِيْزُ
In English: “Make easy (my difficulties), by Your superabundant favours, O’ the Most Mighty.”
If you want to get rid of jinn who want to marry to you then you can read this powerful dua. This dua help you to get married soon with your crush.

We guarantee that your love will contact you in 72 hours after doing this.

If you have any doubt about performing dua, then you can consult molana faqeer Ali on WhatsApp.

How To Perform Dua For a good husband Step By Step

  • Go into a silent room and clean your surroundings.
  • After this take a bowl of water and sit before it.
  • Then you have got to read durood sharif 11 times.
  • After this pray to Allah for fast marriage.
  • Now take a sip of water and wash your hands and face at the end.

If The Above Dua isn’t Working For You Then Read This

Those who aren’t getting the required results, and need to own a faster process in their marriage then they can read the below-mentioned dua which is more practical and beneficial for them. Read all the instructions carefully and peacefully to induce amazing

  • Take a chilly shower and eat a sweet dish in the morning.
  • Now attend an area which is dark and silent.
  • After this sit quiet and make a fresh ablution.
  • Then recite verse 24 of Surah taha to urge married faster.
  • Then read durood sharif at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Married?

The fastest way to get married with your love in Islam is to recite the above Dua “dua to get married soon”. This dua will help you to get married in just three days.

Which Surah Is Used To get Married?

The surah which is used to get married in Islam is Surah Mumtahina. This Surah is good for marriage in Islam and help you to get results in three days.

Will This Dua Solve Our Marriage Problems Immediately?

Yes, this dua is capable of solving all kinds of marriage problems immediately because it’s very effective and powerful that no problems are there within the family after reading this dua.

Yes, you can marry the girl without divorce but first you have to ask Allah fro that. To ask Allah for this you have to recite our powerful above dua.


Always remember that Allah loves us extremely, He wants us to achieve success and happiness in our married life. So never be stressed about the delay in marriage. a decent Islamic character will attract You to urge married.

You will receive the correct proposal to urge married very soon. Love marriage will be exhausted for seven days if you read this Dua correctly. Read dua to get married soon for your marriage with your love.

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