Dua For Love Marriage In Islam


Marriage is a beautiful part of life and everyone wants to live this stage of life with their partner. Dua for love marriage is the best way to make these feelings come true in your life.

Because many people face problems of delay in marriage. It may be because of their lack of money or poverty or other things like family problems.

Sometimes a single person cannot solve these minor problems. In that case, we recommend that our readers look to our molana faqeer ali for guidance on the Islamic dua for love marriage.

Many people have benefited from this dua for marriage, and you too can get fruitful results by reading this dua with pure heart and intention.

Insha Allah, your love will be attracted to you and no one will be able to separate you from him/her.

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dua for love marriage
Dua For Love Marriage


Issues for the love marriage process will rarely end but you can end obstacles of love marriage with this helpful and impactful dua. This will help you both to stay together with a developed and more attractive bond full of love and affection. You will achieve your unconditional love by defeating the negative elements of life after reading this dua.

Dua For Love Marriage

Everyone has a dream of getting someone who loves them unconditionally and marriage is the only way to achieve this true and unconditional love.

But when people fail to get this in their lives, it is a worse feeling for them and their families.

Using this wazifa, which you will find here will make you married to your love possible very sincerely and very effectively.

There is a strict procedure to perform ‘powerful dua for love marriage’, but its results are marvelous. It takes approximately 21 days to get the wanted results. 

But always remember to do this at the same time and in the same place.

How to make dua for love marriage?

1. Begin by reading “Durood-e-Pak” eleven times on a daily basis.

2. Then read, Ya Jami’u 1111 times within the morning.

3. Finally, read the Islamic dua for love marriage given in the image below.

4. Then make pray to Allah for the one that you love.

5. Make Dua for love marriage frequently for twenty-one days.

6. InshaAllah you may marry your love with the grace of Allah.

Dua For Love Marriage
Dua For Love Marriage This is very helpful dua in quran

If you are facing any kind of problem to make the best love for love marriage, you should consult molana faqeer ali first. And then do this powerful dua and wazifa.

Important note-dua for love marriage

Allah has given you Verses from the heart of the Quran which is very beneficial for you in all circumstances. Keep faith in him and read those Dua continuously. Also, girls do not read these Dua during their periods and perform them on normal days to get maximum benefit.

Video Explanation

In the video above, we explained the complete procedure of the given dua.

Dua To Get Married Soon

Delays in a person’s marriage not only create a lot of trouble that affects their personal lives and family. There is no problem in that it is a very common problem.

But the best part is that you can solve it easily by making dua for marriage from Quran.

islamic dua for love marriage
Read this dua for love marriage after durood e pak to get the right life partner.

So forget about your marriage problem, just pray to Allah to solve it by doing dua for love marriage, which is the best way.

Therefore, by using it, you can get rid of problems in marriage. Because Qurani dua is a silent way to deliver your message or wish to Allah. You can also read dua for love back if your partner is not agreeing to marriage.

Dua For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Now, in most cases, parents are not happy with their children’s choices. Also, it is difficult to get parents to agree to love the marriage. Hence it results in misunderstandings between parents and children.

So in Islam, the best way to solve is to read the Quran surah and perform wazifa to make parents agree for love marriage.

Believe it, they have magic and if you perform the above love marriage dua together with the surah recitation then you can easily get success in agreeing your parents love marriage.

Because love and affection are beautiful, but conflicts and arguments cannot be easily handled by anyone.

All individuals have different choices and a lack of understandings may cause problems in the life of lovers. so to solve this you must follow the dua for love marriage to agree parents.

Another important thing to remember is that there are times to do certain dua, this is because it is considered that Allah responds to you accordingly. We have explained it briefly in the next paragraph.

Still, if you have any doubt consult us directly on WhatsApp.

Step to perform love marriage to agree with parents.

  1. Keep faith in Allah and pray to Allah SWT in the morning as soon as you wake up.
  2. Now you can read durood sharif 5 times before starting the prayer.
  3. Before you start the prayer, you can make a fresh ablution and remember the face of the person whom you want back in your life.
  4. Pray to Allah with a pure mind and clean heart and soul. Pray to him to get back your lost love.
  5. After doing this you can read “Maagh Na Anhu Maaluhu Waa Maa Kasab” 5 times to get the maximum benefit.
  6. You can eat a sweet dish and write the name of this person on clean paper which you can throw in the water later.
  7. Now take a shower in the end after you are done with the prayer.

Important note

If you want this Dua More effective and accurate then you have to read it continuously under all circumstances irrespective of the busy schedule of her personal and professional life.

All your troubles and the problems in your love marriage will be removed if Allah is convinced by your pure emotions. This will help you to be with your partner peacefully and happily for the rest of your life.

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What Does Allah Say About Love Marriage

In Islam, it is considered that Allah has created companions in heaven, so you should not be worried if you met your partner or not.

“Dua for love marriage in Islam” works directly on your marriage problems. Its effects are effective and cause our problem to resolve itself in 2-3 days.

We understand that when someone’s marriage is delayed or cancel everyone will become upset.

So for a quick result, you need to do dua on the night of the decree. Because on this night the gates of paradise open, you can pray to Allah and ask for your love.

Dua For Love Marriage Agrre Parents
Dua For Love Marriage Agrre Parents.Read dua only 3 days

Insha Allah, you will observe miracles happening in your life. For regular holy qurani dua and wazifa subscribe to our youtube channel.

Which surah to recite for marriage?

Reading Surah for marriage is considered the oldest and effective way to get married. Also, it has its own spiritual power which you can use for your benefit.

But we suggest that you first opt for the dua for love marriage. It will surely work in all conditions. So if you want, you can do it accordingly.

Because many people don’t have proper knowledge of reading the Quran surah. That’s why the above dua is more beneficial and you can consult with molana faqeer ali if you have any questions or doubt regarding your marriage problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is love marriage allowed in Islam?

Islam does not forbid your love if it goes against the rituals and rules of the religion. Many Islamic scholars have revealed that if your love is fulfilling the expectations of the Community and it keeping all the people around you happy then there is no issue with it.

Which Surah is powerful for marriage?

Surah muzammil is the most powerful Dua for marriage which you can read after practicing the Two Rakat rafil namazin in the morning. You can pray to Allah to shower blessings and love on you so that your marriage proposal will get accepted soon.

How to get rid of family problems in marriage?

Family problems needs to be solve by emotional ways to make them understand what you actually feel about them to solve issues and misunderstandings.

Will this dua benefit us after love marriage?

Yes, all your dreams and happy time with your partner will be fulfilled even after marriage if you read this dua regularly and peacefully.

How to get married to the dream person?

If your emotions and intentions are pure about the person then Allah will help you with this dua to get married to that person immediately.

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