Powerful Dua To Make Someone Do What You Want


This Dua Will help you by providing supportive and powerful Islamic ways in which you can convince anybody around you to get your work done.

He will be able to mark great attraction which will result in the fulfilment of your expectations and desires in a very short period of time.

This will also help you to get effective results by travelling to different and difficult situations by convincing someone and changing their mind according to your needs and desire. 

How Can You Convince Someone To Do What You Want?

This is universal that when someone’s heart is softer for you then they will agree with your choices and decisions.

There are particular thoughts and changes which are going in mind which needs to be respected, and taken care of properly so that you can have a greater chance of convincing someone as per your requirement.

Making your efforts and practices will make it possible for you to convince someone to an extent where they can have faith in your important decisions.

Dua To Make Someone Do What You Want

  • Clean your surface and start reading durood sharif 53 times on the mat.
  • Now wash your hands and think of the person you wish for.
  • Now pray to Allah to convince the person by reading surah Rahman 54 times.
  • After this make a blow in the air and then clean your hands.

Reading this duo will help you to make great attraction and expectation, of the people around you so that you can fulfil their desire by changing their mind.

Important Note-

If you wish to create a space in someone’s heart, then you have to be regular and consistent when making Dua to Allah so that he can make a soft corner for you in the heart of that person.

You can convince that person to change their mind if you are praying with your intentions. Apart from this, it is advisable for girls do not read this Dua in their periods To convince someone.

How to change someone’s mind because in those days they will not remain effective and impactful to get the desired results as per the needs.

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Dua To Make Someone Change Their Mind

This dua will take care of all the situations and circumstances which are inappropriate around you. All the respected things which are creating great obstacles will be solved out by reading this Dua.

Steps to perform

  • Go to silent environment and then make a fresh wuzu there.
  • Now search for clean paper and then write your wish on it.
  • After this read surah Yasmin 54 times and then wash your hands.
  • Now take a bath and then go to sleep in the end.

If The Above Dua Is Not Working For You Then Do This

If you are not able to convince your partner by reading the above mentioned Dua, then you can read the alternate options by which.

You will be able to convince anybody in your life confidently so that they can never go against your choices and decisions.

Steps to perform

  • Read istikhara 85 times and start doing the prayer.
  • After this pray to allah to bless you and your family by reading durood sharif 64 times.
  • And make a wuzu and then eat a sweet dish to boost your mood.
  • Now search for a light and then read surah ayat 47 times to get blessings of Allah. 

All the prayers made in this article will satisfy you with proper estimation and you, will not face any difficulty in finding a better result for yourself.

Allah will give you a compassionate partner and the people around you so that you can have a great life ahead.

The blessings of Allah will always remain by on your side. Once you practise regularly on your Dua, then you will realise that all the actions have been started doing in favour of you.

This will lead to a great conclusion where you and The well around you will stay happy by your choices.


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