Powerful Dua For Increase Beauty Of Face

Dua For Increase Beauty Of Face
Dua For Increase Beauty Of Face

During that period, every girl even boy had a dream to become beautiful. They use all expensive brands’ products and apply them to their face But it does not work.

They also have used injections for business and they also use homemade products. Everyone does not want that their face is beautiful but also their whole body, hand, and feet too.

This is not possible to be beautiful without Islam. But you won’t be naturally beautiful until you accept Islam and worship Allah SWT.

In Muslim worship, that has a strange power. Whoever recites even the name of Allah SWT then Allah SWT gives beauty not on his face but also on his soul will glow like the stars. This is the natural beauty of body and soul. Because Allah SWT’s name is the most beautiful, and it works. You should recite the Benefits Of Reciting Quran Pak.

If you want to increase your face beauty without wasting your money and time on beauty products. Are you using night creams that do not increase your beauty? So, Start doing this wazifa you will see the best results within some days.

So, here are some natural tips for the natural beauty of the face. This will increase your beauty instantly.

Dua For Beauty And Attraction

Everyone wants to have a good appearance and want to be beautiful. Especially girls want that they look good and attractive. They do various artificial ways to look beautiful and forget there inner beauty these artificial ways make them beautiful and attractive but just for a short period of time.

One should always enhance its inner. To enhance your beauty you can take the help of prayers. Perform a dua for beauty and attraction to enhance your beauty and look attractive.

Quran Pak

Whoever makes a habit to recite Quran Pak 1 or 2 pages daily in the morning, Allah SWT creates the light (Noor) on his face and his face will start glowing like the 14 of the moon.


Performs ablution every time and remains in ablution then his face, hands, and feet will start glowing. You should recite Dua For Boost Memory.


You Recite Durood Pak daily 100 times and blow it on his face, and hand his face will be shine like the stars. Also, his heart will shine. And doesn’t miss his 5 times daily prayer then Allah SWT make noon on his face.


Recites Allahu Al-Musawir Al-Malik 111 times after each prayer. His face will be clean and glow. Also, his blackhead will be removed, his pores will be closed and his face will shine like the 14 of the moon.

Note: It will continue for 40 up to 3 months.


Recites Surah Noor’s last verses and blows them on his face will see the magic himself. Makes a habit to recite the Fajr prayer Allah SWT will create the Noor on his face.


Recites Astaghfurullah for the sake of Astaghfurullah Allah SWT will remove the dirtiness from his face, body, and soul.

  • You recite the name of Allah SWT daily in his life then his face will be shine.
  • And recite Kalima Tayyab 100 times daily. Inshallah, Allah SWT will create the beauty on his face.
  • Read the name of Muhammad PBUH. The beauty of light (Noor) will be created on his face.


Recites Surah Yusuf 1 time daily blows on his face. His face will start glowing. you can recite Surah Yusuf 1 time before and after any Durood Pak and blow on 1 glass of water that water will be used on any mask you can use this mask with Multani Mitti and some water of Surah Yusuf. Apply that mask within some days you will see the results.

Note: Do it for 40 days or 3 months but you can also recite it forever.

  • Whoever recites tasbeeh of Bibi Zahra 100 times Subahanallah, 100 times Alhumdulliah, and 100 times Allah-U-Akbar blow on your face. Your face will start glowing someday.

Note: Do it for 40 days.

  • • Whoever recites the short names of Allah SWT (Ya-Mussawir, Ya-Khaalique, Ya-Jaamiil) anytime even sleeping, walking, cooking, with ablution or without ablution you will see the best results on your face within somedays.
  • Whoever recites Durood Ibrahim unlimited after Esha Prayer 100 times. Inshallah, His face will start glowing also his beauty of the face, body, soul, and heart beauty will increase.

Note: Do it for 40 or three months.

• You read Ayat-Ul-Kursi 100 times and blow on his face within some days his beauty will be increased.

Note: Do it for 40 days only.

99NamesOf Allah

Recites the 99 Names of Allah SWT 100 times daily his beauty will be increased. Whoever recites the Surah Yaseen 1 time and blows it on his face his beauty will be increased.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Dua Really Make Us Beautiful?

Yes, dua can make you look beautiful and attractive and helps you to enhance your inner beauty. This also helps you to seek blessings from Allah. The dua’s our best way to enhance our inner beauty and have natural beauty.

Can I Make A Dua To Change My Appearance?

Yes, you can make dua to change your appearance.  I know it sounds catchy but believe it’s a magical dua which helps you to change your appearance. It is a very effective dua. Always keep faith and trust in Allah Ta’la.

Can I Make Myself Attractive By Dua?

Yes, you can make yourself attractive with the help of dua as dua is the solution to every problem and it helps you to connect to Allah Ta’la.


These all wazifa are derived from the Quran Pak and anyone can recite this Wazifa without any hesitation or permission.

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