Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart


Today, many couples suffer from one problem or another. To solve that problem we bring you dua to increase love in husband heart.

You can do this dua to make your husband crazy in love and solve all the problems between you and your husband. You can also consult our molana Ji if you need any help.

There are so many ways to increase the feeling for you in your husbands heart. He will start loving you More than before he was doing. I just need to read this Dua carefully and peacefully.

Try to make regular and continuous prayers so that Allah will shower blessings on you in a regular way to solve all your problems. Read Dua to bring husband and wife closer and Wazifa for husband come back for this.


In this Dua, you will help me to solve which arises between husband and wife where husband ignores wife for some misunderstandings and arguments.

Your husband will care for you in all circumstances if you read this dua with all your heart in mind. You need to take care of the likes and dislikes of your husband and remember the face of your husband.

Try to solve all your problems with a mutual decision and conclusion for a better relationship. Read Dua to increase love in husband heart and Dua to make someone love you back for this.

How Can I Increase Love In My Husband’s Heart Immediately?

When there is mature understanding and respect for each other in any relationship then there will be great compatibility and company and ship between the husband and wife for the rest of their life.

The surah Is so powerful that your husband will fall in love with you again and he will show more affection towards you when you are with him. Once you take care of all the things which revolve around your husband, then you will be able to establish a great bond with your husband again in your life. Read Surah to make someone love you and Dua to get your lover back for this.

Dua To Get Husband Love

Now for a quick result, you need to have a correct understanding of dua. Therefore you need to have knowledge about how can you make dua for husband love and attraction.

If you are feeling like you don’t love your husband like before then you should talk to him regarding Mutual understanding to clear things.

Once you are establishing a good bond with your husband, then you will see a great change in your relationship status. Read Dua for love between husband and wife and Wazifa to make someone love you for this.

We guarantee that your love will contact you in 72 hours after doing this.

If you have any doubt about performing dua, then you can consult molana faqeer Ali on WhatsApp.

Ultimate Doing Perform Dua To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife:-

  • Make a fresh ablution and wear good clothes.
  • Now go to a silent room and close your eyes.
  • And remember the face of the husband and eat a sweet dish.
  • Then read durood salavat 11 times and pray to Allah.
  • After this wash your face and clean your hands carefully in the end.


because we provide the marriage problem solutions along with all the successful marriage Dua and wazifa which are necessary for a great life with your partner and the people around you. Try to share our information with your friends and family so that they can also get the benefit from it as you are doing.

Important Notable mention:-

Your husband will start loving you immediately if you read it carefully and you will not face any kind of problem in the process of doing this if you have your intentions and clear thoughts about your husband.

If you want love from your husband then you should make up a good understanding in communication with your partner.

There is a need for mutual respect and understanding between both partners so that the relationship Sustain longer and stronger. Read Dua for getting a good husband and Dua for marriage problem solution for this.

Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart

dua to increase love in husband heart
Using this powerful dua to increase the love in the heart of the husband so that you can rekindle your marriage relationship.

If you are upset with the marriage and want to rekindle the love between you and your husband, then this dua to increase the love between husband and wife is the perfect solution.

Because nowadays due to minor fights, the couple divorces or separates. This can be solved using wazifa and dua to save marriage from divorce.

Now understand the step-by-step Guide procedure of performing dua to make your husband love you more.

  1. First of all, make a fresh wuzu.
  2. Then read durood Shareef.
  3. After that read dua to increase love in the husband’s heart.
  4. Now you have to reread durood Shareef.
  5. At last blow on any sweet dish.
  6. Now make your husband eat that sweet.

Regularly do this dua for 5 days. Insha Allah, your husband will start loving you again.

Dua To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife

You can use this dua to increase the love between husband and wife and to control your husband. Many people have used this wazifa and dua to get the love of a husband.

Video Explanation

We do not deceive any person, we give it after completing its work and this video is in front of you. And this video is not false, you can also talk to them. If you want to see more of our  video then click here on the youtube link

If The Above Dua Is Not Working For You Then Do This

  1. Wash your hands and face and then clean the surface on which you will sit.
  2. After this take a sweet dish in the hand and give it to your husband.
  3. Hold his hands and then read durood sharif 11 times.
  4. After this close your eyes and then read surah-al-Jin 51 times.
  5. Now pray to allah to make your husband love you.
  6. Wash your face in the end.
Comparison Between 2 Dua And We Like Or We Don’t Like

In this section, we like the dua for getting a good husband because it will enhance all your circumstances around you in such a way that you will get a good life partner for you while on the other hand, we don’t like The Dua for marriage problem solutions because it does not guarantee you to end all the problems in your marriage.


From the dua given above to obtain the love of a husband, you can easily fix your relationship problems. Start doing this wazifa on a regular basis to have a good relationship with your spouse.

There are so many problems in relationships. If you want to clear things regarding husband-wife problems then Pray to Allah for this so that he can bless you by showering love and care on both of you.

This will make both of you feel great and attracted towards each other in such a way that you both love each other.

Read Dua for husband love and attraction and Dua to make someone mad in love and wazifa for love marriage success for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife In Islam?

If you are willing to improve your married life, you should start performing dua for love between husband and wife. You have to recite this Islamic dua twice a day, once after isha and once after fazr. Insha Allah, you will start to get positive results in a week or less.

Which Surah Is Best For Husband And Wife Love?

Surah al ikhlas is the best holy surah in the Quran that you can recite to achieve a healthy marriage. It will make your connection strong, and both partners will gain affection, respect, and appreciation for each other after reading this.

My Husband Neglects My Needs And Does Not Take Responsibility For Mine, Is There Any Dua For It In Islam?

First of all, try to be patient when you are suffering from this kind of problem and pray to Allah for this. Because every woman in this world wants to be loved and cared for. Fortunately, we have a powerful dua to bring husband and wife closer to solve this problem.

Will This Dua Help Me In Removing Black Magic?

Yes, this device is very effective and powerful that all kinds of black magic and negative energy around you will start removing from your life. You will feel much positive and happier after reading this way in your life.

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