How To Perform Tayammum? An Easy Guide

Tayammum refers to the act of cleansing oneself without using water. Occasionally, it is used to replace both Wudu and Ghusl; however, only in exceptional circumstances. Since it is performed without water, it is called ‘dry ablution.’

Suppose you are in a situation where you need water to perform Wudu, but you cannot locate any. Or maybe you’re sick and can’t touch the water with your bare hands. Alternatively, to Wudu, you can perform Tayammum. 

But how do you perform Tayammum, what are its steps, and has it been permitted in Quran and Hadith to do? Today we will discuss everything there is to know about Tayammum. Let’s get started. 

Rulings of Tayammum in the Quran and Hadith

​Whenever water is available, Muslims are obligated by Allah to cleanse themselves with it. This is especially necessary during prayer times when one has to perform Wudu (Ablution).

Unfortunately, there are occasions when the water is unavailable, or we cannot use it for medical reasons. As a result, Allah, through HIS grace and mercy, has provided a safe substitute for Tayyamum, also known as dry ablution. You should Also recite Powerful Dua For Happy Married Life Permanently.

The Quran describes Tayammum in the following verse:

“ …and when you don’t find water, then perform At-Tayammum with clean earth and rub your faces and hands with it.” [Quran 5:6] 

And if you are ill or on a journey or one of you comes from the place of relieving himself or you have contacted women and find no water, then seek clean earth and wipe over your faces and your hands (with it). Indeed, Allah is ever Pardoning and Forgiving.” [Qur’an 4:43]

The Prophet ﷺ said:

I have been given five things which have not been given to anyone else before me: Allah made me victorious by causing my enemies to fear me up to a distance of one month’s journey, and the earth has been made for me (and my followers) a place for praying and a means to perform Tayammum (to purify oneself for prayer). Therefore, anyone (of my followers) can pray (anywhere) and at any time that the Salat (prayer) is due. [Shahih Bukhari]

How To Perform Tayammum? An Easy Guide
How To Perform Tayammum? An Easy Guide

How to Perform Tayammum?

Tayammum is performed in the following manner. Please read all the steps from the beginning and follow them in the exact order.  Powerful Love dua for someone special.

Step 1. Recite Bismillah

When starting Tayammum, begin it with the following phrase 


“In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Compassionate”

As the first verse in the Qur’an’s first chapter opens with this phrase, it stresses the importance of commencing your Tayammum in Allah’s name. Powerful Dua For Increase Beauty Of Face.

Step 2. Make Your Niyyah for Tayammum

Performing Tayammum is initiated in this manner. To accomplish this, you say, “I am performing Tayammum instead of Wudu to seek Allah’s pleasure and closeness.” To ensure Tayammum’s integrity and sanctity, you must announce your intention.

Step 3. Strike your Palms On The Ground Surface. 

Strike both palms of your hand on any clean surface of your preference. The surface can be sand, stone, limestone, brick, or clay; ensure it is clean of any impurities. Just touching your palms to the surface is necessary – keep your hand covered. Powerful Dua To Be With Someone You Love.

Step 4. Rub Your Hands on the Face. 

The face area comprises both left and right ear; after striking your hand on the ground, rub them over your face between this area. Powerful Dua For Righteous Spouse.

Next, place your palms at the hairline of your forehead and pull your hands down to your nose’s bridge. When performing this action, you must only use your palms.

Step 5. Cover Each Hand From Wrist to Finger Tips.  

Extend the palm of your left hand from the wrist bone to your fingertips to cover the back of the right hand. Repeat this action using your right palm to cover your left hand.

Step 6. Strike Your Palms on the Surface Again.

Make one more stroke with both hands, this time in unison, on the ground with the clean surface as you did before. 

Step 7. Repeat the process 

Repeat Step 5 to wipe your hands. This step of striking your palms again to wipe your hands to your wrist is done in accordance with Sunnah. 

Preparing for Tayammum

As a preliminary step to performing Tayammum, we should prepare ourselves as follows: 

  • Choose a Clean Location

A natural location, such as a rock, sand, or grass, may be used for this purpose. Tayammum Rituals must be performed in a clean environment to maintain their purity.

  • Remove Non-essential Items From The Body

The Tayammum practice requires you to cleanse your body thoroughly. Consequently, any jewelry or nail polish that does not serve a purpose should be removed.

  • Keep the Correct Order of Steps in Mind

Performing Tayammum requires correct knowledge of the order of the steps to follow them correctly. You must begin your Tayammum from the first step if you need to correct the order. Follow the steps in the exact order explained above. 

Under What Condition is Tayammum Permissible?

The following circumstances permit the making of Tayammum:

  • If you are Travelling and Cannot Find Water: 

If you are on a journey and cannot find a water source or a restroom, you can perform Tayammum for praying Salat (prayer). 

  • Insufficient Water Availability: 

When the available water is sufficient for drinking, cooking, and other necessities but not enough to clean your body or perform Wudu (Ablution).

  • If You Are Injured or Sick:

If one is injured or severely ill and cannot use water because doing so may worsen the condition, they can perform Tayammum. Consult a doctor to be sure and then make a final decision. 

  • When Water is Too Cold and Physically Dangerous:

Suppose the water is too cold and you cannot use it to clean the body because it can be pretty dangerous.  Also, you don’t have any heat source to cool it down; you can perform Tayammum instead. 

  • When One Can’t Fetch Water Due to Fear:

It is permissible to perform Tayammum if he fears for his life if an enemy is nearby (in wartimes), or if he is a prisoner. One may also do this if water is available but needs access to the proper means to obtain it. 


Tayammum is performed in place of Wudu (Ablution) due to little or no water availability.  Its steps are similar to that of Wudu (Ablution), but instead of water, we use a natural clean surface (rock, sand, or marble) to purify our body. Every step of performing Tayammum, its ruling, and its conditions have been explained in the article. We hope this guide proves to be a helpful source for you.

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