Powerful Dua To Change Someones Heart


Powerful Dua To Change Someones Heart
Powerful Dua To Change Someones Heart


Aslam-U-Alaikum Brothers and Sisters. Do you need Dua to change someone’s heart? I know most people are worried about finding out about this topic and getting the best and instant result from this wazifa. Recite Dua to change Someone’s Heart only on QuraniDuain.com.

Most parents worry about their children. Because children are fools they don’t know what is good and what is bad for them. Sometimes they fall into a bad relationship. Their parents are worried about their children and want to recite some Islamic Dua to change someone’s heart. You should recite Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart.

Most wives/husbands are worried about their partners’ bad habits and want to change their hearts to leave their bad habits. That is so common to fall into bad things but it is difficult to follow good deeds.

If any person wants to change someone’s heart. So, Here I will share with you some Dua that instantly change someone’s heart.

Sarah And Wazifa To Change Your Partner’s Mind Follow Three Steps.

  • If you are dua for someone to change their mind then you should be careful that you are not praying for any wrong purpose.
  • Only if you do it for a good cause will Allah accept your dua.
  • Before and after reading the dua, you have to pray to Allah that may forgive all my sins and accept my dua.

Can Dua Change Someone’s Heart?

Surah Kafiroon is known for changing someone’s heart. If a mother/wife wants to change her children/husband’s heart.

So, She should recite Surah Kafiroon 7 times before and after 11 times any Durood Pak and blow on children/husband also blow on water and feed them. Inshallah, Instantly their heart will change.

If anyone prays to Allah with a true heart and asks Allah to accept my prayer and change the mind of the person I love because he is not taking interest in me and after that, you read the surah taha 131-132 11 times.


Surah Al-Qariah is another Dua to change someone’s heart instantly. If a person wants to change someone’s mind. So they should recite Surah Al-Qariah 11 times before and after any Durood Pak and blow on that person. Inshallah, Their heart will change.

Is There A Dua In Islam To Win Back Someone’s Love?


Do you want to change someone’s heart  And Someone Love Back so you should recite the most beautiful name Allah SWT is “Ya-Man’iu Ya-Saboor Ya-Hadi” 100 times before and after 11 times any Durood Pak. Inshallah, within some days you will see the improvement in his heart.


If you want to change someone’s heart so recite the name of Allah SWT “Ya-Hameed” 100 times before and after any Durood Pak blow on water and feed it to the person whom you want to change the heart. Inshallah, For the sake of this name his heart will change.

Can Dua Change Qadr (Destiny)

Here is another wazifa to change someone’s heart recite “Ya-Baru” 100 times before and after 11 times Durood Pak blow on that person also blow on food and feed them. Inshallah, His heart will be changed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Allah a Changer Of Hearts?

Yes, Allah can change the heart and if you ask for anything, Allah will give it all, but everything has its own rules, you should know how to take it from Allah.

How To Marry The Person You Love In Islam?

If you have fallen in love with someone and you are not getting his love. If you are not able to marry the person you love, no problem, read the dua given in this article.


This wazifa is only valid for those who want to change their beloved person’s heart. Because this wazifa can not be recited for a person who you want to change his heart to fall into bad habits otherwise you will be responsible for that thing.

We only give permission to those wife/mothers/brothers and daughters who are worried for their beloved ones and want to change their hearts for a valid purpose only.

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