Powerful Dua For Love Back In 3 Days


Today, we bring you the most powerful and effective dua to get love back in 3 days. And before going any further, we want to add excellent dua benefits to your knowledge.

So that you can trust the spirits of dua. Which is the most essential factor to get results from this.

Dua to make someone love you or dua to win back your ex is the most remarkable act in the eyes of Allah, all glory and praise be to him. By using this dua, you can establish a direct link between you and Allah.

Therefore, whoever uses this qurani dua will surely be rewarded by Allah.

Best dua for love | dua to get someone love you - Qurani dua
Dua To Get Love Back

Dua To Make Someone Love You Back

You will be glad to know that if you really love someone and want them back in your life. This dua will work best for you even if it seems impossible to bring him back into your life.

Always remember that in order for Powerful dua for love back accepted by Allah, it is essential that you are performing this for something pure and good.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that a person’s sins stand between him and his dua’s response. Therefore, when a person makes a “dua for getting lost love to come back” for a long period of time and still cannot get love from their partner.

Then it is time to examine your action.

But the best part is, you don’t have to worry about all these little things. Because our experts are there to help you in any condition. You can consult us on Whatsapp.

If you sincerely follow this article, you won’t even be able to imagine that the very person you are praying for will start loving you blindly!

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How To Perform Dua For Love Back?

Love is an essential component of the relationship. To strengthen your relationship or marriage, you can use dua to make someone love you as you may be trying good. But it takes more than that to get your lover back.

Believe me, many of our readers have been in the same situation before and with this they have managed to get their ex back.

Let’s get straight to the steps of doing dua to get love back.

  1. Start by reading durood shareef.
  2. Then you have to read surah al-fatihah.
  3. Now read the dua for love back shown below in the picture.
  4. At last, pray to Allah to get your love back.
  5. Perform this dua regularly for three days.

For a quick result you should start this on Friday night.

dua for love back
You can use this dua to make someone love you back.

There are certain factors that help a person’s dua for love accepted by Allah. These factors are explicitly mentioned in the Qur’anic texts.

That is why we always recommend that you check once before making any dua. If you are reading surah for love, keep these factors in mind.

How Can You Make Your Dua Accepted

  • Keep your intention good.
  • Always do dua facing the qiblah.
  • Make fresh wudu before doing dua to make someone come back to you.
  • Preceding giving some charity.
  • And the most important thing is to keep faith in allah.

We guarantee that your love will contact you in 72 hours after doing this. You can get dua to make someone love you from molana faqeer Ali on WhatsApp.

Dua For Attracting Someone

The video above is about dua for attraction. This is another method to make your partner love you and marry you.

You might think which is the most powerful dua for love back.

The answer is very simple “all qurani duain is powerful”. It’s just a matter of your faith and intention to do dua.

Look, it is normal to have a one-sided love and to achieve it you must always choose the right path and never go the wrong path like black magic.

If you choose a good path, good and pure things will come to you, and moreover, you will be loved by allah. 

Dua For Getting Lost Love Back

Are you asking yourself, “how can I get my lost love back using dua?”

When you have a fight with your love and get separated by the breakup. Then you may feel empty without him / her.

Now we are going to give you a key (dua) to strengthen your relationship.

Maybe your lover is engaged elsewhere or whatever the condition, you can fix it by doing dua for getting lost love back.

And the best of all is that it is easy to perform then above dua to make someone love you. But the important thing to know is that you should only do one dua or wazifa at a time.

In this powerful dua to regain love you have to visit any sacred place near your home or office. Then you have to recite the surah an-nur ayat number eighteen.

You just have to read the given ayat for eleven days.

Doing this will solve all the problems in your relationship and you will see that your partner will start to love you again.

How to get love back by prayer?

Of the great mercy of Allah is that he has favored certain times over others.

Therefore, he has distinguished these times so that the devotee can eagerly anticipate his arrival.

So pray earnestly and sincerely for dua to get love back.

Therefore, it is important that one who desires that his dua be answered utilize these times. And ensure that your dua be more frequent and sincere during these periods.

You have to perform a prayer given by Molana Faqeer Ali before Zuhr. Because this is an hour during which the gates of the skies are open, and this is the time when your good acts are raised up.


This dua to make someone love you is so powerful that no one can stop you and your lover from uniting.

Furthermore, your bond will also be unbreakable. Because your dua will reach Allah in a perfect way. And he will bless you with your true life partner.

Use the above ‘Islamic dua or wazifa’ if you want to marry him / her. Because after that, no wazifa or spell will be able to separate you from your partner. 

We hope you understand the spirit of the strong dua for love. In case you have any difficulties or confusion in mind. Just leave a comment below or send a message to WhatsApp. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

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