Importance And Benefits Of Dua

It is obligatory to recite the Importance And Benefits Of Dua. Every Muslim should recite Dua. Because Allah SWT said: that Make a Dua. If a person doesn’t make Dua from Allah SWT.

Allah SWT will be upset with him if some things are stopped in the sky. If we make Dua then it will continue. Allah SWT keep the blessing in Dua. If a person prays from Allah SWT and Allah SWT is not complete his wish then the wish will keep in the account of his deeds. That is the power of Dua.

Haft Haikal

Haft Haikal is the most well-liked Dua in each Duas., This Dua contains the famous variety Surah of the Quran. This Dua arranges in seven separate parts which are known as Haft Haikal. Haikal means a fortification. You should also recite Benefits Of Reciting Quran Pak.

This Dua is incredibly powerful to shield man from external attacks and disasters. This Dua is termed Haft Haikal. If a person recites this Dua. He will always be under the protection of Allah SWT and Allah SWT will protect him in every way. Haft Haikal has very benefits and virtues.

Musabat Ashar

Musabat Ashar is incredibly beneficial to Dua to see the Holy Prophet PBUH in his dreams. If someone recites this Dua.

Then the love will increase for the Holy Prophet PBUH in his heart. Also, He will obey the Holy Prophet PBUH. He will see the Holy Prophet PBUH in his dream. You should also recite Powerful Dua To Make Someone Think Of You 100% Result.

Shash Quful

Shash Quful means the lock (Six locks). If someone recites this Dua the disasters and calamities that afflict man will lock up. This lock could even be a quiet siege. By which the reciter takes refuge from Allah SWT. In every way from the resistance of external creatures.

Dua Suryani

This Dua has been prescribed by Abdullah Ibn Abbas in Arabic. the first Dua was written within the Suryani language So, This Dua continues to be famous Dua Suryani. Islamic Scholar has said: that within the quality book, this Dua had the identical status as that of Surah Ar-Rahman within the Quran.

Dua Aman

This is the dua of peace, security, and safety because it’s the characteristic that where this “Dua Aman” is recited, everything is under the protection of Allah SWT that’s why it’s called.

Dua Wusat Rizq

This Dua is extremely effective for increasing wealth. This Dua will overcome Poverty, Alleviation, Get a Job, Business loss, Loan, Married purpose, and far more.

Qadah Muazzam

Qadah Muazzam is the gathering of Qur’anic and spiritual prayers this Dua includes many virtues and blessings most Islamic scholars are accustomed to reciting this Dua and procuring a position within the sight of Allah SWT.

Dua Akasha

Dua Akasha is the routine of Auliya Allah. Whoever recites Dua Akasha he is visiting be safe from evil whispers. because of this protection, it’s called Dua Akasha. Akasha means “spider’s web”. Satan uses every means at his disposal to ensnare a man.

Dua Jamila

Dua Jamila is the foremost beautiful combination of the name of Allah SWT. Whoever makes a habit to recite this Dua. He is rewarded with honor, His major and minor sins are visiting be forgiven.

Dua Hajat

Dua Hajat is extremely effective for any valid wish. This Dua has many virtues. Whoever recites this Dua Allah SWT will open a blessed door on him.

Dua Noor

This Dua is extremely effective for the openness of unseen, Elevation in degrees, Safety, Overpowering the self, Wealth increase, ease of every difficulty, Honour, Enemies destroy, and for each valid wishes

Dua Mughni

This Dua is extremely effective for rich and blessings. Most Islamic Scholars had recited this Dua. This Dua has many virtues because this Dua can ease every difficult task. Dua Mughni will improve this world and hereafter. The door of Allah SWT mercy will open on the one who recites this Dua.

Dua Gunj-ul-arsh

This Dua is the treasure of Allah SWT mercy because it’s written by special people of Allah SWT who have beautifully embellished the definition of the essence and attributes of Allah SWT in every sentence.

Because the names of Allah SWT have endless mysteries and effects. Therefore, it’s extremely effective in obtaining the blessings that come down from the Throne.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is Dua

Ans: Dua is very effective we should recite Dua and pray from Allah SWT.

Has Allah ever answered your dua instantaneously?

Ans: Yes, Allah SWT answers our Dua. If Allah SWT does not accept our Dua. Then he will send these Dua to the book of deed as a reward.

When and how is the best way to make dua?

Ans: We should make a Dua in fajr times, Maghrib Time, Iftar time, and when we are in trouble.

What is the most powerful dua?

Ans: Dua Gunj-Ul-Arsh is the most powerful Dua. Every Muslim should recite this Dua.

What is the best dua you can read for something you really need?

Ans: Dua Hajat is very best Dua. If you need something you should recite Dua Hajat as much as you can recite.


All these Duas are most beneficial for every purpose of life. Every person can recite this Dua without asking any permission. If you have any questions related to these Dua feel free to contact me.

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