Powerful Dua To Make Someone Think Of You 100% Result


When you do not get the desired partner then you think that how you will make A great compatibility with the person you are living with.

In this segment, he will help you with a powerful Dua by which will be able to mark a great impression in such a way that the person will think about only you when you are not around them.

They will start missing you and start dreaming of you even in your absence.

This will be the most amazing feeling for you in your life that someone is thinking about you all the time.

How Can I Make Someone Think OF you?

You will need to create a feeling of love in the heart of that person who you want to be with you. Once they start feeling positive about you.

Then they will start thinking about you even if you are not around them.

This will make them feel great and compassionate towards you in such a way that they will miss you in your absence. This will help you to create a great low bond between both of you which will sustain stronger and longer for the rest of your life.

Dua To Make Someone Think Of You

This is the way will help you to make someone start dreaming of you so that they can think more about you by remembering the positive impressions that you made on them earlier.

Steps to perform

  • Take a shower and then make a fresh wuzu before starting the prayer.
  • After this eat your sweet dish and then go to a silent place.
  • Now take a paper in the hand and write name of that person on it.
  • Now read surah iqbal 67 times and then throw that paper.

Important Note

If the situation between you and your partner is critical, then you have to make extra efforts by praying to Allah on regular days.

Along with the passing time, your situation will begin to normal and you will be able to see amazing benefits with the help of this Dua if you read it regularly and carefully.

Also, the girls should not read this Dua in their period to make someone dream of them because in their periods this Dua gets less effective and as a result, they will not get the amazing benefits out of it as they are desiring.

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Dua To Make Someone Dream Of You

Your first impressions will leave a great impact on the person with whom you want to establish great compatibility.

It will all depend on these Dua so read it carefully and peacefully to get amazing results.

Steps to perform

  • Sit on a clean mat and then clean your hands.
  • Now pray to allah and then read surah ayatul kursi 43 times.
  • After this open your eyes and make a blow In the air.

If The Above Dua Is Not Working For You Then Do This

If the person is not remembering you on time by reading the above mentioned Dua, then you can go for another option which will help you to make someone dream of you even if you are not around them. 

Steps to perform

  • Make yourself feel good and then sit on a mat to recite the dua.
  • Now remember the face of the person and then read surah al aman 64 times.
  • And now think of the person and then pray to Allah to make them miss you.
  • Now make another wish and then clean your hands and face.

This methods are tried and tested by popular Islamic scholars and it has been implemented on many brothers and sisters across the world who have got satisfactory results from it.

This kind of Dua is very important and precious in the holy book of the Quran which never give negative effects on their believer.

Hence, it is a very powerful Dua which you can recite anywhere and anytime to get satisfactory results out of it as per your needs and desires.

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