Powerful Dua For Love To Come Back From Quran 2023

Assalamualaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, to all our Qurani Duain readers. Today Molana Aktar Ali of Quraniduain.com is here to give you the most important and valuable topic that everyone requests them to share with all of our brothers and sisters in this world. 

What is love? Love is a special feeling that everyone feels once in his life. Even love is a special language that everyone knows on this Earth. Even the holy book Quran says love is your great weapon against everything.

If people love each other then they live together and create some great memories, have feelings for each other.But after some time they are bored and start fighting with each other because of some misunderstandings and small disputes happen with them. These small fights separate them from each other.

If any of our sisters and brothers want their love back then they can read this article completely because Quraniduain.com gives you the most powerful “dua for love back” that is taken from the holy book Quran. 

This Dua “dua for love back” is the dua for love in Quran. Your love will come back for sure if you read this dua carefully and peacefully. Many people in this world believe this Dua to be very effective and powerful in that they get peace in their relationship or marriage and it helps them to cope with the hard times in their lives.

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Advanced Guide To Perform Dua To Get Love Back
Advanced Guide To Perform Dua To Get Love Back

What Is Dua For Love Back In Islam

How I Can Get My love Back In My Life and how to find a soulmate in Islam? If you want to get a person back in your life then you have to read this most powerful Dua “dua for love to come back in Islam”. This dua helps you to get your love back in your life and helps you to find a soulmate in Islam.

To get your love back in Islam Surah Taha Ayat 131 and 132 is everything because nothing can be more powerful than this and I always bring such dua for you which is powerful and give results.

With this Dua, we have solved the issues of many brothers and sisters in this world. I will also tell you the proper way to do this so that your dua will be accepted quickly. This dua is also known as dua for soulmate.

Here is dua for love back in Islam,

وَلَا تَمُدَّنَّ عَيۡنَيۡكَ اِلٰى مَا مَتَّعۡنَا بِهٖۤ اَزۡوَاجًا مِّنۡهُمۡ زَهۡرَةَ الۡحَيٰوةِ الدُّنۡيَا ۙ لِنَفۡتِنَهُمۡ فِيۡهِ​ ؕ وَرِزۡقُ رَبِّكَ خَيۡرٌ وَّاَبۡقٰى‏ ﴿20:131﴾ وَاۡمُرۡ اَهۡلَكَ بِالصَّلٰوةِ وَاصۡطَبِرۡ عَلَيۡهَا​ ؕ لَا نَسۡـئَلُكَ رِزۡقًا​ ؕ نَحۡنُ نَرۡزُقُكَ​ ؕ وَالۡعَاقِبَةُ لِلتَّقۡوٰى‏ ﴿20:132

How to ask Allah to marry someone you love? If you want your dua to get more stronger and give you desire results that you want. Then you can do this dya with the following steps.

  1. Make a fresh wudu.
  2. Sit in a clean and quiet place, in the direction of the qiblah.
  3. Start by reading Durood Shareef three times.
  4. Now read the “dua for someone to come back” given in the image.
  5. Then re-read the durood Shareef.
  6. At last, pray Allah to get your love back.

If you want to get your dua accepted right away then you have follow the above steps while performing this dua.

If you have any difficulty performing this dua and wazifa, you can get help from molana faqeer ali Contact Us at WhatsApp.

Dua For Someone To Come Back To You

What is the dua for love in the Quran? If any of our sisters and brothers

In Islam, there are many opinions about the performing times of dua. However, according to a great Islamic scholar, there are different times to do different types of duas.

Every time has a different solution, and if you do this by asking Maulana Faqir Ali, then Inshallah he will guide you properly so that your issue can be solved.

If you want to find out whether Allah has accepted your prayer or not, or whether your prayer for the person you love has been accepted or not, then you will have to light a lamp around you or in your house, so that you will know.

Whether your prayer has been accepted or not this whole process will take 3 days. Inshallah, all your issues will be resolved and you can live your life happily. Through this dua you can ask Allah to heal someone.

Also, read about dua to get married to a specific person.

dua for someone to come back to you
Do you need dua to regain love? Then this powerful dua will help you solve your relationship problems.

Benefits Of Getting Your Love Back That May Change Your Perspective

The article talks about the benefits of getting your love back. It mentions how it can change your perspective and make you feel better about yourself. It gives some tips on how to get your love back and how to work on your relationship with your partner.

What it can do for you. The author mentions that it may change your perspective or make you feel better about yourself. They also talk about the ways to get your love back and ways to work on a relationship with your partner.

It is not easy to get back to your loved one, but it is not impossible to. You just need to be patient and take some steps to get the desired result. This article will help you understand the steps that you need to take in order to get your loved one back in your life.

Dua For Love To Come Back

If you want to solve your all realtionship problems then, you must have to read  dua for love to get back and keep faith in Allah. Also, you may consider watching this ‘dua explanation video’ if you want to get married soon.

It is important to note that if you are in a short or long-term relationship, it does not mean that you will never have fights. There is always some kind of disappointment in a relationship. So to maintain that love you must do dua and keep your aura always attractive and energetic.

This dua also helps you to get marry a specific person. If you perform this dua you will find your true love and you can pray for your love by performing this dua.

I Will Tell You In Advance How To Read The Dua

  • Wash your hands and face in the morning.
  • Now search for a silent place and make a fresh ablution.
  • After this, you can go to a dark place where the light is low.
  • Now read surah ikhlas 21 times and start praying to Allah.
  • After this read surah-al-quriyah 8 times and pray to Allah.
  • Then you can close your eyes and blow in the air.

There is nothing wrong with making dua for someone you love. You want a good partner in your life and you should pray for that person to be with you for the rest of your life.

If you have the gut instinct that your dua will not work then you should contact us and ask from Molana Faqeer Ali. Each kind of work is assigned with a specific and alternative dua.

If you want your dua is accepted right away then you can read this dua through the following steps that i have given above. This ways helps you to make a dua for someone you love.

Niyyah To Love To Come Back

Allah is our father and he will bless us with everything which we want if our intentions are good. But sometimes our way of doing dua is wrong so today I brought a powerful dua which you have to do for 6 days with a pure heart and believe.

If after doing this dua you are facing a problem then contact us. So here is the dua mentioned below: Surah Taha – 20:114.

This surah is for soulmates means if you read this surah then it helps you get you married soon with the person you want.

If The Above Dua Is Not Working For You Then Read This Dua

If you think you can get a better solution by reading another duo then you can also try this effective and powerful tool which we have in an additional manner which can help you in a better way so that you can get your love back within a short period of time. Read this carefully and peacefully to get amazing benefits.

  • Close your eyes and blow in the air.
  • Now wash your hands and clean your face.
  • After this, you can take a sweet in your hands and remember the face of the person.
  • Now read durood-E-Ibraahim 3 times and then close your eyes again.
  • After this read Ya Wududu 101 times to get back love.

There is a lot of dua to get back your love. You can read them with a deep heart while remembering your ex so that you will get them back again in your life.

Your lost love will be back in your life if your intentions are clear about that person in your life. When you are mentally and financially prepared to be with a new partner then you should search for a girl around you.

If your partner is ready for marriage then this mean Allah wants two souls meet each other and make one soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do We Need To Heal Our Relationship?

Any relationship is based on the belief of trust and love where you need to be with your partner in every kind of situation so that he can trust you in good as well as in his bad times.

Is This Dua Powerful To Get Back Someone You Love?

Yes, this Dua is very helpful and powerful for getting back your love who has gone. After reading this Dua you will observe that the person who has started taking an interest in you wants to come back to you.

How To Make Our Relationship More Stronger?

If you communicate with each other frequently and share all your secrets with each other, then you will have a great bond together which will make your relationship even stronger than before.

Is This Dua Helpful In Divorce?

If you’re having a little bit of attachment with your divorced partner then you can read this Dua to make them come back to you. It will surely help you and benefit you to get your lost love back.


A lot of people write to us about their love problems and we always suggest to them this dua to get someone back in life. This helps them to deal with all kinds of love relationship problems.

It’s entirely upon Allah, whether you will get your love or not. You can only beg him for this. And we all know without a doubt, that dua is the best form of worship.

There are a number of dua and wazifas that are given on our website, you can check them in our blog section.

When people understand the need for each other then they come back together. If they want to live happily then they start caring for each other.

Allah is capable of making anyone feel better for you. If you pray with all your heart then Allah will bring someone into your life.

On and off in any relationship is normal nowadays. You need to take care of their freedom and choices if you want to live with them.

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