Powerful Dua for Nikah ceremony (100%) Get Result


The secret of a happy relationship between any couple is understanding and mutual respect which never goes down.

This truth is the basic foundation of any relationship which needs to be sustained stronger and longer for the rest of life.

If you want to have this golden parameter in your life even after the marriage, then you have to read this Dua carefully which can be performed before your nikah ceremony so that you can have a great life ahead full of happiness and comfort. 

How Can I Make Prayers For My Nikah Ceremony?

Getting married soon with a trustworthy partner is a golden blessing of Allah which everybody does not get in their life.

But if you want to get such soulmates to get married, then you have to make daily prayers for your marriage regularly so that Allah will shower blessings on you.

You have to make certain efforts to get the desired partner of your life with whom you can live happily and peacefully no matter what kind of people are around you.

This will help you to get blissful memories with your partner under the blessing of Allah.

Dua For Nikah

This tour will help you to achieve great life which will be full of strong emotions and understanding with your partner.

You will lead A golden life and you will feel amazing by reading this Dua.

Steps to perform

  • Make a fresh ablution and then take blessings from allah by praying.
  • Now do the fazr namaz and then read durood sharif 89 times.
  • After this you have to read the surah bakar 54 times for nikah.
  • Now wash your hands and go to sleep.

Important Note

Mutual understanding and respect between the partner must be listed on a priority basis in any relationship.

You just need to pray for these two things So that you both can communicate certain conclusions which are beneficial for both of you.

It is a recommendation for all the girls do not to read this the way in their periods they want to pray before their marriage.

Read it in ordinary days to get the maximum benefit out of it which will help you in your marriage.

You also recite this dua

Dua for marriage problem

Dua For Nikah Ceremony

This duo carries the trustworthy parameters which will support you to end negative situations and circumstances of your life which are creating obstacles and critical in securities in your life.

Steps to perform

  • Sit on a mat when you get done with the fazr namaz.
  • Now clean your face and then eat fresh chocolate.
  • After this read the surah ikhlas 73 times and then close your eyes.
  • Now pray to allah to make blessings on you and your family.

If The Above Dua Is Not Working For You Then Do This

If The process of your marriage is not taking a smooth curve, then you can read another option available. This will help you to get a good life partner for Nikkah in a very short period of time.

Steps to perform

  • Wake up early and then try to sit on the shadow for some time.
  • Now go to a silent room and then eat your favorite dish.
  • And read the durood sharif 46 times and then make a wish.
  • Then now read surah al Qasim and then pray to Allah to get your marriage done.


This will help you to visualize the success of your marriage which will help you to find prosperity and happiness in your whole life.

You will be also able to feel great with your friends and family in all circumstances because you have married a specific person whom you love so much.

This will give you a sense of satisfaction and design which is fulfilled by the blessings of Allah in a very short period of time.

This will also bring peace and harmony with some excitement and benefits to you and your family.


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