Dua e Tawassul – Seeking Nearness To Allah


    The concept of tawassul (waseela) has been referred to many times in essays or writings. All the Islamic scholars give great importance to it as it is the most important etiquette of doing dua. We can say that doing tawassul will increase your chances of getting dua accepted by Allah (SWT).

    Ways of Doing Tawassul

    Most people do not have the correct understanding of the ways of doing tawassul. Actually, tawassul refers to the act of coming closer to Allah through the manners that have been prescribed in the Holy Quran. Everyone should do it so to get success in their dua or life.

    You can read about that in the following Quran verse:

    Quran Verse About Tawassul
    According to Quran verse tawassul is an act of seeking nearness to Allah and increasing their chances of getting their dua accepted.

    Now we are going to discuss five ways of doing tawassul dua as prescribed in the shari’ah for tawassul.

    Tawassul through Allah’s Names and Attributes

    This is one of the best and the most powerful method of doing dua-e-tawassul, which is mentioned in many Islamic texts.

    Do you know even Prophet once said that “whoever supplicate Allah (SWT) by his great names and called upon it, he responds. If he asked by it, he gives.”

    So in this dua, waseelah was sought through the attributes of knowledge and power. Now let us move to the second one which is done by praising Allah.

    Tawassul by Mentioning Allah’s Favours

    Here is another method of doing tawassul i.e by mentioning favors of Allah upon him. We often mentioned in our dua that perform tawassul dua properly.

    Also, we suggest this method only because it is very easy to perform and everyone can thank Allah for every good thing and action that happened to them.

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    Many great Islamic personalities suggest the use of this after every prayer. We should never leave any chance of praising Allah and it is certain that your dua will get accepted.

    Tawassul by Mentioning the State One is In

    Another method of doing Tawassul is by mentioning his/her state one is in, or the current situation one person is facing. Basically here we just have to tell Allah about how desperate and in need of his blessings and mercy.

    There is a famous example of the dua of Zakariyya in which he mentioned that he is in of old age, and how hard it is for him to spend his life alone. After that, he asked for a son to take care of him, and finally his dua is responded.

    One of the other examples is the Musa story. Once upon a time, Musa was in the valley of Midyan, alone and with no supporter or friend. He cried out loud to Allah. This is the act mentioned in this tawassul that tells your feelings to Allah.

    Indeed Allah (SWT) will also sympathize and respond to you then.

    Tawassul Through Good Deeds

    Tawassul can also be made by mentioning one’s good deeds. So one can say that “O Allah! because I have given so many of zakat (charity) and helped people so and so, please grant me my dua which I am going to make.”

    You can read about this method in one of the Quran verses. This dua is sought because of one’s trust and Iman in Allah and Islam.

    According to the Quran, it is the greatest good deed one can do is to Iman in Allah (SWT).

    Now let us discuss the next way of doing dua e tawassul.

    Tawassul by Asking Someone to Make Dua

    Many molana said that dua is accepted only when it is done by you only. This is right but I want to add that it is allowed in Islam to make tawassul by asking a person to do dua on your behalf.

    But only if you feel that person is true. So it is permissible to go to a scholar and say for example – “O Molana ji, I am facing a problem in my marriage. Please do dua to Allah for me to get married to a specific person.”

    Even you can make dua for others, as it makes a person feel sincere towards society and mankind when he makes dua for himself and for his loved one.


    Now at the conclusion, I want to state the all the five ways mentioned above are mentioned in Quran and Sunnah.

    It is believed that a person does tawassul which is mentioned in religion (Islam). Following some other way than this might be innovation in dua and will be considered shirk.

    And I hope that you also understand well about dua e tawassul (waseelah). Still, if you have any doubt, suggestion or question. Please let me know in the comment section.

    Thank you! for reading the post.

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