Powerful Islamic Dua For Weight Loss

Dua For Weight Loss
Dua For Weight Loss

Everyone in this world needs to take care of their weight because unwanted extra weight can bring so many diseases with it which can be cured easily like obesity, high blood pressure, etc.

So if you are having an observation on your body weight then you need to be more concerned about how your body is changing day by day. Here, we are providing you with several steps and instructions which can help you to get a good physique with a healthy weight.

When You Make Sincere Dua (Supplication) to Lose Weight

Dua to lose fat is an Islamic prayer that helps you to get motivated to lose weight. This is so strong and powerful dua as Allah will hear you and give you strength and motivation to do weight loss.

This dua also helps you and your body to heal from diseases that are related to overweight and makes you live longer and fit. This dua also helps you to make your weight remain constant that you want.

Surah Of The Quran Reduced My Weight To 30 Kg In A Month

All my Muslim brothers and sisters who are worried about reducing fat and getting a fit body are in the right place as this surah of the Quran helps you to reduce weight. This is not magic as it makes our body fit in one day.

It helps us to motivate at a high level a spiritual level to do hard work and make our body fit. This is so powerful as it results in one month as Allah helps us to achieve goals

Dua For Weight Loss

The dua which can help you to get in shape and promote weight loss is mentioned as follows. We advise you to read it in a certain way to get good results.

  • Wake up early in the morning and wash your face.
  • Now sit in a silent place.
  • Now read durood sharif 75 times.
  • After this read ya kaffee 5 times.
  • Now eat a sweet dish and get up.

Surah Of The Quran To Reduce My Weight To 35 Lbs In A Month

Surah is very powerful and it will help you with weight loss. Read the below-mentioned surah to lose 35 lbs in a month.

  • Take a cold bath in the early morning.
  • Now sit in a clean environment.
  • After this read surah-ikhlas 75 times.
  • Now make blow in the air and clear your room.
  • Now drink a glass of water and go to sleep.

What Surah Is Best For Trying To Lose Weight?

The surah Quraish is considered to be the best surah which can help you with certain weight management. Also, it will help you to be attentive toward your goals and targets. Also, it will help you to get a clear mindset so that you will stay more focused and determined toward your set target.

Can Prayer Help With Weight Loss?

Yes, the prayers are so powerful and they can lead to constant curiosity and dedication towards your weight loss journey this way you will get a good lifestyle with a happy and healthy body weight which will give you immense confidence and determination towards a positive life.

It is recommended that you continuously read such kinds of prayers so that you will be able to get connect with Allah in a very short period of time and get the blessings of Allah for a positive lifestyle.

Benefit Of Dua For Weight Loss In Islam

Dua for weight loss can help you to get a good physique which is considered to be fit for a healthy person. It will give you a positive vibe, confidence, and immense pleasure. This will also make your body strong enough to stay away from many diseases which are dangerous to your life.

What Is Best Why For Weight Loss

If you want fast results for your weight loss then you have to read ‘ya-shaffee’ dua for it because it will give you certain instructions and directions to get close to your health goals and get a fit shape of your body in a very short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Know What My Body Requires In Terms Of Healthcare?

Our body gives certain symptoms which can be easily identified by an individual to get concerned and treat accordingly so that you can cure such diseases on time.

Is There Any Other Way To Stop Body Weight Other Than Exercise?

Proper nutrition and prayer can help you a lot to save you from increasing your body weight which is not good for your physical as well as mental health.

What Are The Ways I Can Ask Allah To Reduce My Weight?

You can do several prayers which are mentioned in this article so that you will get connected to Allah in a very good way and then he will bless you and help you with a balanced body weight.


All the problems related to your body weight will get resolved in a very short period of time if you take proper attention and care related to your prayers and it will lead you to a great life which you can’t imagine.

All the prayers which we are providing you are tried and tested by many Islamic scholars and it is believed that people got positive results from them. Hence, you can also try this and share it with your friends and family who are in need of it.

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