Benefits Of Surah Al Fatiha

Surah Al-Fatiha is the Opening Of the Quran. It Consists of 7 Ayat (Verses). It was revealed in Medina. Surah Fatiha is an Arabic word which means “Guidance”. It is the starting chapter of the Quran.

Surah Al-Fatiha is obligatory to recite in each prayer, which is the Fardh Prayer, Sunnah Prayer even in Nafil Prayer. We all Muslims recite Surah Fatiha to pray from Allah SWT to give us the Guidance.

Main Themes Of Surah Al-Fatiha

Allah SWT revealed Surah on his beloved Prophet PBUH to ask Allah SWT for the right Guidance. Because we are human beings and we all are sinners that is why we should ask Allah SWT to guide us on the right path.

Because Fatiha is the only verse of Guidance on the right path. We Should seek Allah SWT to guide us and forgive our all sins. You should also recite Benefits Of Reciting Quran Pak.

Main Purpose Of Surah Al-Fatiha

Al Fatiha also is the Surah of success in every problem of life. The main purpose of Surah is to be successful in his life and the life after death. You should also recite Five Quick Tips For Dua For Boost Memory.

It is also recited to increase beauty, knowledge, Problems solution, and success. Illness, respect, wealth, leaving bad habits, forgetting someone, and the whole problem that is come in our life. Allah SWT revealed Surah Al-Fatiha to get the highest rank in the Jannah.

Benefits Of Surah Al-Fatiha

  • If you love someone and he is not good for you. So, you should recite Surah Al-Fatiha 500 times to forget him and pray from Allah SWT. Inshallah, Allah SWT removes his thoughts from your heart and mind. Note: Do it for 40 days.
  • If you have a high temperature and this is not decreased. So, You should recite Surah Al-Fatiha 40 times and blow it on the ill person.
  • Inshallah, Within some time He will be fine. You should also recite I Got You 11 Ways Of Durood Pak (Shareef) That May Change Your Life.
  • If you want to remember something but you forget. So, before reciting any kind of book that is a worldly or religious book. Start Surah Al-Fatiha 7 times. Inshallah, whatever he reads he will never forget till his whole life.
  • If anyone has a Blackmagic and is very worried about his life. So, he should not go to any Maulana or Alim. Only do this wazifa. Inshallah, It will save your whole life. Recite 3 times Durood Pak before and after then recite Surah Al-Fatiha 7 times and blow on water and drink it. Inshallah, You will feel happy.

Note: Drink water every day but with fresh ablution, you can continue it your whole life.

  • Whoever recites Surah Al-Fatiha 100 times daily the door of blessings will open on it.
  • You Read Surah Al-Fatiha 1000 times daily his wealth will increase.
  • And recites Surah Al-Fatiha 100 times for the marriage purpose. Inshallah, Allah SWT will send his marriage proposal from unseen places.
  • Surah Al-Fatiha 100 times daily. Allah SWT will remove him All sins and reward him with good deeds.

All Clear Surah Al Fatiha

Whoever recites Surah Al-Fatiha for any valid purpose. Inshallah, His wish will be fulfilled.

If someone falls into lawsuit, So recite Surah Al-Fatiha as much as recite. Inshallah, by the grace of Surah Al-Fatiha he will be free from lawsuit.

If someone falls in trouble and doesn’t know how to solve this problem then recite Surah Al- Fatiha. Inshallah, Allah SWT will help him from unseen places. His problems will be solved.

If someone is going to the travel and if he recites Surah Al-Fatiha. Inshallah, He will be safe on his journey.

If someone is falling into bad habits and wants to leave his bad habit like adultery, robbery, Drunk, vulgarity, etc. So recite this wazifa. Inshallah, Allah SWT will guide him on the right path and he will be a good person.

Whoever recites Surah Al-Fatiha for his business purpose. Inshallah, Allah SWT will help him and will increase his sustenance.

Whoever recites Surah Al-Fatiha. Inshallah, His respect will increase in his home and society. Whoever recites Surah Al-Fatiha on the ground of battle. Inshallah, Allah SWT will succeed him by the grace of Surah Al-Fatiha.


If you read about the Benefits Of Surah Al-Fatiha then recite this Surah. Because it has lots of benefits. Surah Al-Fatiha is the most powerful wazifa everyone can recite. You don’t need to ask us for permission. You can recite this anytime.

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