Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Forever


Today we bring you the “Mighty Wazifa for Enemy Protection”. You may be serious in your condition because your current enemy is making fun of you personally.

And now you are upset because you have no method of solving? That. Also, you are thinking that you will be helpless all over the world. Because you do not know any kind of solution for your current enemy.

But wait, let me tell you something we are here to help you personally.

Because you must want to eliminate your problem, that is the reason why we introduce you Wazifa to destroy the enemy forever.

Because it gives you the best solution for you to get rid of your enemy. If you feel that because of your enemy. You are suffering in your life then you can eliminate him using the powerful Wazifa for the enemy and take revenge from him.

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wazifa to destroy enemy forever

Wazifa to destroy enemy immediately

The enemies are the sick people who can do anything for their selfishness or benefits. Since they only want to destroy you in any condition because they do not like you.

If you believe that someone is your current enemy and wants to get revenge on you. You can use the best Wazifa to destroy enemy. This work like taweez to destroy the enemy provides you complete protection from your enemy.

And also will destroy your enemy financially, mentally & healthily. But before performing this wazifa you should remember that you should not harm a true person by performing this.

However, you can take help from Molana Ji to solve your problem. He will guide you in the perfect way on how can you solve your problem.

How to destroy your enemy with the power of Quran?

  1. Start by reading the dua provided by molana faqeer Ali.
  2. After sunset, you have to take a lemon and keep it in front of you.
  3. Recite surah ikhlas 9 times.
  4. Immediately after finishing, blow on the lemon while taking your enemy’s name 100 times.
  5. Then recite again the dua that the molana gives you.
  6. Follow the wazifa for 21 days, then throw the lemon into a well or river.

Insha Allah, you will get the desired result. And your enemy will be destroyed and disappear from your life.

Consult Molana Faqeer Ali to get the dua to get rid of an enemy. Also if you face any problem performing this. He will help you according to your problem. Also, read dua for success by clicking here.

Wazifa to get rid of enemy

Now this time, everyone wants to live a safe life due to the care of their family, relatives, friends, or much more. But at some point, we feel that our enemy is waiting to destroy us.

Because he just wants to harm us. If you really want to get rid of this mess and show your enemy your real power.

You must go with “Wazifa to protect yourself from the enemy”. Because it offers you a guarantee to safeguard from your enemy and gives you a peaceful safe life. In which you can freely spend your time as you choose without any problem.

If you feel that your enemy can do something with you because your enemy is hating you personally. Check our blog for more.

Our advice is not to waste time and use our Wazifa to destroy your enemy in the Urdu language because if you apply this taweez to destroy enemy, you will definitely get more effective results.

Strong dua to defeat enemy

We have Solid strong Wazifa to Destroy enemy. To deal with multiple haters we have to be prepared with something strong. And there is nothing best than Qurani duain.

To teach your enemy an honest lesson, we have a strong Wazifa to help Defeat the enemy forever. And we provide you a permanent solution for your daily life problem.

This wazifa to destroy your enemy forever will prove to be very effective from the very first day you use this. You just have to keep your belief in Allah and leave everything to him.

He himself will take care of you. Your all worries will get diminished themselves. Once you started following Allah with a pure heart.

Video Explanation Of Given Wazifa

In many cases, we have seen that sometimes enemies use black magic tactics to harm others. And the other person didn’t even realize what’s happening in their life.

Now to understand well, we have brought you a video explanation to solve your problem.

The above video is useful to remove the effects of black magic.

To solve your problem you need expert guidance. Consult now with molana faqeer Ali on WhatsApp or call. Use this wazifa to destroy enemy forever to get a permanent solution for your enemy problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get rid of my enemy?

To get rid of your enemy, you must perform wazifa to get rid of the enemy along with reciting surah ikhlas. Doing this for 21 days will make you stronger than your enemy.

Can a genie help me destroy my enemy?

Yes, jinn is a very powerful creature of Allah. Once you have control over it, you can give the order to destroy your enemy. But remember that it is not so easy to control a jinn.

What if I can’t perform this wazifa for 21 days?

If you have difficulty performing this wazifa, you can contact us to do your work. You can get instant solution for your every personal life problem.

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