Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement And Marriage

Assalamualaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, to all our Qurani Duain readers. Overcoming relationship challenges (such as forcibly getting engaged to someone) is often difficult. So to resolve your problem, you’ll use wazifa to break the engagement.

With this powerful wazifa you’ll easily breake your or your partner’s marriage or engagement. Even many of our followers get successful results from this.

You were probably wondering the way to perform this wazifa or dua to interrupt the engagement. you simply have to read the whole procedure and every one of your doubts will get cleared.

If you truly want to marry your love, who is married or engaged with somebody else. you’ll read surah for marriage with this “wazifa to break engagement”.

This Wazifa will help you to break the engagement of that person whom you love immensely. It will help you to sustain your relationship and stop another person from getting affectionate towards the person you love so much. Read this wazifa carefully to save your love from losing.

This Wazifa will facilitate you to interrupt the engagement of that person whom you’re keen on immensely. it’ll help you to sustain your relationship and stop another person from inducing affection toward the person you like so much.

Read this wazifa carefully to save lots of your love from losing. There is a dua to interrupt your engagement instantly and you’ll be ready to marry some other person. Read Dua to create someone who misses you and Dua to create someone to marry you for this.

It is not Haram to interrupt your engagement and marry some other person if you’re keen on them. Read Dua to create someone fall in love with you truly and Dua to create someone who loves you mad for this.

wazifa to break engagement
Best Wazifa To Break Someone’s Relationship

Wazifa To Break Someone’s Engagement

Sometimes we predict it’s wrong after we slice someone’s relationship or marriage. But per Islam, it’s wrong to marry or forcibly engage with someone. you ought to also recite dua for someone’s love back.

If the boy or girl has no love feelings for each other then they’ll use wazifa for breaking the engagement. Because in the future they both need to suffer and never have a successful relationship.

That’s the reason we bring you an awfully useful Islamic wazifa to interrupt a relationship or someone’s marriage in the right manner.

If any of our Muslim brothers and sisters want to stop marriage after engagement in Islam then they can read this powerful wazifa to stop marriage in 3 days.

How To Stop After Marriage Engagement In Islam

You can break it easily, you have to read the dua as mentioned in the article, and breaking the engagement is not a haraam in Islam, no matter how old your relationship is but this relationship will be broken only when you do something noble. There should be no bad feelings for anyone in your mind.

You can keep the engagement for any length of time, there is no restriction in Islam, it depends on you when you will get married. If you do not feel happy after getting engaged then you should read Surah Al-Ikhlas, Inshallah you will feel better soon.

In this article, both the wazifa and dua for breaking the engagement and for joining it have been mentioned because this has been told so that no one tells you the wrong dua or wazifa.

Procedure To Perform “Wazifa To Break Engagement And Marriage ?” Step by Step

A person who is in love and wants to marry someone but the other person doesn’t want to get married, has to perform this dua.

  1. The first step is that the person in love should perform a wazifa to break the marriage by saying “Bismillah” and then reciting Surah Al-Ikhlas 10 times.
  2. The second step is that the person should recite Surah Al-Falaq 10 times.
  3. The third step is that the person should recite Surah An-Nas 10 times.
  4. The fourth step is that the person should recite Ayatul Kursi 3 times after every time they finish reciting Surah An-Nas.
  5. The fifth and final step is that they should pray to Allah (SWT).

This is the poweful dua for engagement in Islam. If any of our brothers and sisters want to get marry to their loved one then they can recite this dua.


because we are providing genuine information on developing someone’s feelings for you instantly which will be helpful for you to get married within a short period of time. You can also share this content with your friends and family so that they can get help from it.

How to do wazifa to break engagement?

You have to perform this wazifa facing the qiblah because it is a blessed direction. If you want to stop your engaged marriage then you can read this Wazifa.

One thing you need to remember isn’t to use this dua or wazifa to curse someone or to require any reasonable revenge. it’s forbidden in Islam and it’s recommended to use wazifa for breaking someone’s engagement only if you actually love someone.

You can break your engagement without telling your family if it’s fixed against your love.
After this, you can marry your love instantly. Read Wazifa for love back in one day for this.

Girls with broken engagement can find an honest proposal in Muslim communities even after time. Girls will get many proposals in the future if they’re beautiful and educated.

7 Procedure To Perform Wazifa to Someone Breaking Engagement And Marriage

How do you break an engagement? If any of muslim brothers and sisters want to breake an engagement in Islam with proper halal method then, they can recite this powerful wazifa by these given steps.

  1. There was no set time for this wazifa, you’ll be able to read it at any time once on a
    daily basis.
  2. But the time of performing this wazifa should remain identical. For example, you have got to perform wazifa to break the link at 5 p.m. for all consecutive days.
  3. Before starting the Wazifa, you should make to wuzu with clean, fresh water.
  4. Then, read the durood sharif 11 times.
  5. After that, you must now read Dua to interrupt engagement 79 times.
  6. After completing this, you ought to reread the durood sharif.
  7. Finally, pray to Allah for your wish to interrupt someone’s engagement.

You can get such a big amount of duas and wazifa on the net and you’ll also try
them. But 80% doesn’t work. And if they work a touch, it has been an excellent side
effect of them. But this can be the tried and true wazifa you’ve got here to
interrupt someone’s engagement.

Here Is The Dua To Break The Engagement

dua to break engagement
Wazifa To Break Someone’s Engagement
  • Also, follow the foundations given above to induce effective results. you’ll observe that your problem is going to be solved automatically. Also, you unite to your love rather than all circumstances.

This dua is also used for Nikah. If any of our member wants to get Nikah then they can read this dua.

Breaking Someone’s Heart In Islam

if we broke someone’s heart knowingly or we are in a very fake relationship where there’s no love on the other hand we are in an exceeding relationship is haram in Islam, and Allah will certainly punish you for this

yes why not we are the youngsters of Allah he’s our father and which father can see his child crying. so definitely Allah counts a woman’s tear hadith and solves her problem by showering his blessings.

Yes, Allah will punish you obviously. Allah always punishes you for any quiet haram work. So don’t break anyone’s heart. if you’re keen on someone isn’t haram work, so
don’t stuck during a relationship if there’s no love.

Is it good to break engagement? I will only say that love is everything, if you are not getting engaged with your love. Then its is good to break engagement. 

Yes, Allah punishes you if you hurt others. He will punish you of course because in Islam hurting others could be haram work and Allah will never forgive you for haram work.

How To Break Someone’s Engagement With Wazifa?

If you like someone and you have dreamed of marrying him or her. And you’re so honest in your love relationship and you never think about anyone else and you can’t live without your lover.

Also, you can not digest the other person for your whole life. So the way to break the
engagement with wazifa or how are you able to marry some other person after you are already engaged with someone and wish for someone else? If you’ll always remember your love.

Now if your love is true, it’s impractical to marry the other boy or girl. Now you’ve got an ideal way if you don’t want to marry anyone else. and also the way to perform above wazifa. For better results read wazifa to make someone falls in love with you

This Wazifa surely helps you and if your marriage was already arranged and therefore
the marriage date is near it’s been very helpful for you too.

So now you do not have to be so scared and sad. Allah will help us forever if we believe him and our love is true. you’ll split your marriage easily and easily with this helpful.

How To Convince Parents To Break Off The Engagement?

Do you really understand how important and effective this wazifa is? This wazifa is incredibly powerful and is created with such perfect Islamic words. With the assistance of those lines, 

Now, if you furthermore may love a woman and wish to marry her. But as many
problems arose her marriage was already arranged with someone.

Or your parents weren’t ready for this marriage or they didn’t like your girlfriend.
No matter what the matter is, specialize in the answer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Overcome The Challenges In Relationships By This Wazifa?

Yes, this wazifa will solve all of the difficult problems which you’re facing within the process of your love marriage and it’ll give your love back to you.

How To Increase Love After Breaking The Engagement?

The forceful engagement never sustains longer and hence after the engagement needs to end, it is believed that the love will start automatically between two who love one another.

How To Success In Our Love Marriage?

A love marriage can only achieve success by perfect communication and understanding. you would like to develop a good love bond with mature understandings and compatibility for love Marriage success

How Do You Increase Honesty In Any Relationship?

If you’re marrying someone whom you’re dreaming of then pay proper love, care, and relevancy to that person to extend honesty and trust from either side.


WWazifa for breaking engagement is more powerful than you think. With this, you’ll be able to stop your marriage and marry your required partner.

True and honest couples can get a lot of advantages and really see quick results from this “wazifa to interrupt up the someone relationship” Remember Allah can provide you with everything and Allah can solve all of your problems.

You simply should keep faith in him. It is common to experience the engagement slice at a young age. There are chances to marry in the future.

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