Surah To Make Someone Fall In Love With You


Surah To Make Someone Love You

Asalam Alaikum to all readers, today we bring you the surah to make someone love you and be attracted to you. One of the problems people face is that they don’t know how to impress someone and get their love.

Although, it is very easy to make someone love you back by using this quranic surah. That too in few days. You can try reading this and observe the results.

The best thing about surah An-Nur (the light) is the fact that anyone can easily read this for their love. But you must follow the below procedure step by step to get quick results.

How To Recite Surah For Making Someone Love You?

You have to read surah to make someone love you facing the qiblah on Qadr night. The reason behind this is that on this blessed night angels come to earth. And whatever you wish after reading the Quran surah, Allah will fulfill it.

Here are the steps to follow to read surah for love.

  1. Do a fresh ablution.
  2. Sit on a mat in a clean, quiet place.
  3. Begin by performing tawassul.
  4. Then Read Surah An-Nur.
  5. Finally, with good intention, pray to Allah to make him love you.

What is important to learn is to perform tawassul correctly. Since this is the most important step and must be done correctly.

Also, if you face difficulty at any step or you have any questions regarding this surah for marriage. Then you should consult with molana faqeer Ali before going for it.

surah to make someone love you
Here we give you the quranic surah An-Nur to make someone love you.

Surah To Make Husband Love You

‘Getting love and affection from a husband is the favorite part of every woman’s life.’

If you agree with the above statement and want to attract your partner. But isn’t your husband spending time with you? Or is your relationship not strong? All of these problems are very common in the modern relationship between husband and wife.

Whatever the problem, one thing you need to remember that you can solve it. If you have faith in Allah. And the best way to find an answer to your problem is through the Quran.

Using the surah of the Qur’an for husband’s love, you can still get your married life on track. It’s so easy to fill your life with romance again.

So get ready, because here is the video explanation of surah to make your husband love you.

Important Note:-

There are some points that you should keep in mind when reading the surah to make someone fall in love with you. Because if you ignore these points, your wish may not be fulfilled immediately.

  • First of all, you should be extremely careful when reciting the names and attributes of Allah. It should be taken as precisely mentioned in An-Nur, not according to one’s imagination.
  • When praying to Allah, you should never curse anyone. Even in severe circumstances!
  • The girl should avoid reading this during her period.

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Quran Verses About Love And Marriage

So when you are reading “surah to make someone love you”. You need to know what some important verses in the Quran say about love relationships and marriage.

It is not possible to explain the Qur’an in a few lines. It is very vast and has infinite meanings and stored knowledge. But we try to explain some key points of it.

  1. Allah (Swt) created all human beings in pairs. So you don’t have to worry, your right partner will always find you. In case you are in doubt, try istikhara for marriage and seek the guidance of Allah.
  2. In the Qur’an, it is mentioned that Allah loves a person who has a pure heart. So whoever truly loves his partner, Allah is always by his side.
  3. Another important point is that love is a relationship that has sacrifices. So if you’re struggling to get your partner’s love or something like that, it’s pretty normal.

There are some difficulties that every person has to face in this world. And the only one who can help you is Allah. If you want everything to go well, follow him.

You can also consult Molana Fakeer Ali about your problems on +91-7339965788. He will show you the way out of difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which surah is best for love marriage?

The surah taha is a very powerful and useful surah of the Quran to marry your love. Reading it after each prayer can help you get married quickly.

How do you pray for someone to fall in love with you?

There are many ways to pray to Allah for making someone love you. You can make wazifa to make someone crazy in love for 7 days to get the best results.

What is the meaning of Tawassul?

Tawassul is the act of approaching Allah (SWT) through the manners described in the holy book Quran. You have to do tawassul correctly by mentioning the favors of Allah, before reading the surah.

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