Powerful Dua For Someone Passing Away-Quraniduain

Dua For Loved One
surah ikhlas and then read the durood -E- ahtiyat.

The grief of losing someone cannot be beer by anybody in life because it is a very strong emotion which is not easy to forget in a pillar of time.

Hence, to get rid of the situation or emotion, we have provided you with a powerful Dua which will help me to make Dua for your loved ones whom you don’t want to lose.

It will help you to stay positive and strong beside them so that they can live longer and stay happy for the rest of their life.

How Can I Save A Loved Ones From Passing Away?

The complexity to require comfort in life is very uncertain and that’s why everyone wants to stay beside their loved ones so that they can live peacefully in life.

If you want to save your loved one from passing away, then you have to read this carefully and regularly in such a way that Allah will get impressed by your prayers and Allah will bless you to stay beside your loved ones for the rest of your life.

This can be a great dream come true parameter for you in your life.

Dua For Loved Ones

This Dua will help you to make your loved ones Love you immensely. After Reading this Dua, everyone will want to stay with you.

This will make you feel great for the rest of your life.

  • Make good strength and support before starting the prayer.
  • Now go to a healthy and silent place to make the prayers.
  • Now you can start reading durood sharif 55 times and then start reading surah muzammil.
  • After this start reading durood sharif again 54 times.

You also recite dua-

Dua for love marriage with a loved one

Important Note

Emotions cannot be expressed in words hence it needs to be taken care of with proper prayers and precautions.

If you find your loved ones going away from you, then it is time that you start reading the duo mentioned above to save your relationship with those people so that you can stay satisfied and fulfill all your needs and desires on time.

Also, girls should not read this Dua in their periods to save their loved ones because in those days that dua gets less effective and hence they should read it in their normal days to save their loved ones in life.

Dua For Someone Passing Away

You will get the most nurtured treatment in your life by having loved ones after reading this diva and those people whom you love immensely will stay by your side. This will also help you to remove obstacles you are facing from your partner.

  • Get a portion of good food and dress for the day.
  • Now spare your time and then go to say a prayer.
  • After this read surah al baqiraah 89 times.
  • After this try to read durood E farmaan 77times to get rid of marital issues.

If The Above Dua Is Not Working For You Then Do This

If the people you love are not staying with you by this Dua then you can read another alternative option which will help you to make everybody feel happy and satisfied with you. 

  • Protect yourself from negative emotions and then clean your surface.
  • Now read the surah ikhlas and then read the durood -E- ahtiyat.
  • Then Now eat fresh food and then read the above-mentioned dua again.
  • And read dua 44 times to solve all your marriage


The blessings of Allah are full of mercy which can be synchronised with any kind of emotion in life.

If you want to stay connected with your partners, then you have to read all the instructions properly so that there will be no such issue regarding the results of the dua.

Apart from this, your positive attitude end tickets will help to hold your position beside your loved ones in your life if you behave in In acceptable behavior for the rest of your life.


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