How do I make my child love Quran?

Children are born on fitrah and naturally inclined towards the straight path of Islam. The book of Allah, the Quran, presents the basic code of life and the ways of salvation in the Akhirah. From Childhood, if we ask our kids to recite and learn Quran then its a blessing for parents. Habits of reciting Quran from childhood can make kids close to Islam and sunnah. Instilling a love for the Quran in kids is mandatory on the part of parents.

10 Tips to Make Your Child Love the Quran.

By following the given 10 easy tips for teaching Quran to children, you can ingrain the love for the Quran in the hearts of your kids at a very young age.

1. Use Islamic Toys and Games to Ingrain the love of Quran.

Quran learning for kids toy is a one-stop solution in this regard. Kids love to play with toys abundantly. Provide them the toys that are customized for Quran learning.

There are toys like talking bears and dolls that recite Quran in a beautiful tone.

There are prayer mats for kids to enjoy playing and offering salah.

The purpose of introducing such games and toys is to ingrain the love of Quran. We actually do not want kids to get bored, irritated, or run away from Quran classes due to boredom.

We are here to help you by guiding you about the tips you can use in this task.

2 . Use Quranic quizzes to help kids understand the Quran.

When you are teaching them anything about the Quran like meaning, explanation, tajweed, memorization, etc use Quranic quizzes to help kids understand the Quran.

This site provides numerous resources like quizzes, printable worksheets for practice, and hands-on aids to practice and reinforce the learned portion. Also, get the best online Quran classes for kids from Islamic tutors. The main objective is to make the learning of the Quran the best experience in life.

3. Keep the teaching and counseling content age-appropriate.

A very useful tip is to keep the content of stories, explanations, discussions, and narrations age-appropriate.

Imagine that you are having good intentions, you are working hard, you are giving the maximum time to you kids to help them connect to Quran, but the only problem they are not getting attached to it, is that the language, words, examples, and similes/metaphors you are using are way ahead of their understanding. Powerful Dua To Change Someones Mind.

They will either get sleepy or simply make an image in their mind about Quran being too difficult to understand.

So, please do not be that unknowingly cruel to your kids. Keep your words simple, sentences short, examples relevant, and stories interesting.

Use hands and facial expressions to help them know your intent.

For example, When you are narrating the story of Prophet Moosa A.S, portray the character of Pharaoh with wide-opened eyes, or an ugly expression. On the contrary, use a smiling face and shiny eyes when talking about Moosa A.S.

Visuals help kids understand the character easily.

4. Make Dua to Your kids.

Allah says in Surah Al-Mu’min :

Call on me, I will answer your prayer.

Make supplications in salah, after salah, at tahajjud time, in fast, while traveling, and at all the authentic times mentioned in Hadiths.

Pray for ease in understanding for your kids.

Make kids learn duas and azkar which help retain lessons and increase understanding.

This way, they will know they have someone around to help them when they are stuck.

Do not just tell them to make supplications when they are in need, rather develop the habit of dua even when you are not in need. Dua is an Ibadah, making dua for fellow friends, parents, etc. This is what the Quran teaches!

5. Stay firm and consistent and do not give up.

We know there are times when you are on the verge of giving up, feeling down, and finding everything difficult.

Keep yourself connected to Allah and keep yourself resilient and steadfast.

Allah doesn’t burden a soul more than its capacity. This is what Allah tells us. It is Shaitan who makes us sluggish and dejected at times and tries to convince us that the task we are doing is impossible.

So, remain consistent, do little but do! and be positive.

6. Give time to kids to respond to the daily drill.

Whatever you have taught from Quran, let kids take time to digest the information and see how they respond the next time you ask them about that.

Don’t rush in haste, give them time to think, analyze, and apply.

If they forget something, please do not ridicule, curse, or be harsh. Your motive is to connect them to Allah and make them love Quran.

Repeat things often in different ways to help them recall. Give hints when you are asking them to narrate any story. Remember, they are kids and not teachers who ought to be perfect in telling everything.

7. Do not force your kids to learn Quran.

Anything done forcefully will not bear a fruit of success in the long run.

Do not force your kids to offer salah, observe fast, offer azkar, recite Quran or learn a verse, etc. If you are doing so, you are giving them the impression that this is what Allah wants from them.

Tell them to pray when they think they should talk to Allah and fulfill their duty… Again, make things simple and interesting.

8. Follow the Sunnah of Prophets to develop the association.

Hadiths are like a treasure for us that give us shortcuts to Love Allah  Quran, and the prophets.

Follow Sunnahs of prophets. Whenever you tell a story, ask them what they have learnt from the sunnah (way) of that Prophet. Ask them what they would have done in such a case/situation.

This is how you will build up their personality according to Islam and eventually connect them to Quran out of love.

9. Learn new hadith every day about the virtues of learning Quran.

Teach them small hadith regarding rewards and good deeds, etc.

The more information you will store in their memory card, the more their brain will work to grasp.

As you know, the Quran and hadiths are interconnected. So, teach them the hadiths that will help them understand Quran.

10. Discuss Jannah and rewards with them.

A beautiful sketch of Jannah incites kids a lot. They will start visualizing what Jannah looks like and what are their reserves for Jannah. This will make them love Quran even more, and motivate them to do more and more good deeds to have a better place in Jannah.

Tell them the authentic hadiths regarding the rewards of reciting, memorizing, teaching, and pondering over verses.

These 20 tips will work differently for every kid. Try out all of these to see how well you ingrain the love of Quran in your kids.

FAQs about teaching Quran for children.

How to teach your child to memorize Quran?

Make them understand the meaning, connect to Allah through dialogues, tell the importance of memorization, and then, once they are on board with you, make hifz plan easy for them to follow.

How do you make the Quran fun for kids?

If you apply simple and engaging techniques to make Quran easily understandable, then kids will find it fun-filled to learn.

How to introduce Quran to kids?

Do not make it tough and intricate. Introduce by telling about the medium of communication Allah has used to talk to us.

How do I teach my 3-year-old the Quran?

The 3-year-old kid is innocent and observant. Start by asking about the sky, stars, sun, moon, etc. Then, bring them to the answer that Allah has created everything, including us.


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