Dua to get your ex boyfriend back


Dua to get your ex boyfriend back is a powerful dua to make your boyfriend love you. With this Islamic dua, you can have full control over your lover.

There are many powerful surahs for love that help in getting your lost love back. In fact, many of our readers get successful results using this.

You have to follow the step-by-step procedure of ‘dua to get a lover back’ mentioned below. By doing this, you will be able to regain your lost love within few days.

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Dua To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Make a dua to get your ex-boyfriend back after doing wudoo, and if possible try to do it in a holy place near your home or office.

This will enhance your relationship whereby you can establish trust and belief in each other. Get back the love of your dreams, with the help of Quran Kareem.

In Islam, this is a well-known wazifa to make someone love you. Don’t lose your patience and do this dua believing in Allah. Insha Allah, your wish will come true soon.

Moreover, you don’t have to run after some of the evil methods like black magic. If you have love problems and you lost your love of life. But you want to get back in your life, then we suggest you personally consult with Molana Ji.

Dua to get your lover back through the power of the Quran Kareem

Dua and ibadat of Allah have a great ability to catch someone you saw. Quran Kareem has given you the power to get your love back in any condition.

One thing to remember is that you should only do this dua when you really love someone. Also, never use this for fun purposes. By doing this, you are offending Allah.

To marry your boyfriend read dua for love marriage.

How to perform dua to get your ex boyfriend back?

Here are the steps to perform for ex-lover back.

  1. Make Roza every Thursday for three weeks.
  2. On Thursday night after midnight awakening, say a wudoo prayer seven times.
  3. Allahumma Tiff qalbi Falanaa [name of the beloved] ibn / Binti Fulani [name of your mother] ale Falanaa [your name] ibn / Binti Falanaa [name of his mother]
  4. Do this dua to get a lover back 79 times.
  5. Then blow on a sweet dish and make your boyfriend eat it.
  6. InshaAllah your ex-lover will start loving you again.

While doing dua if you face any difficulties or have any questions related to this. Make sure you must first contact Molana faqeer Ali and then proceed further.

Dua To Get My Love Back

After using this Dua to get your boyfriend back, all your love-related problems will be removed from your life. Your true love will return to your life, and you will live a happy or joyful love life with your partner.

This dua always shows very effective and powerful results if you keep your intentions good.

Getting love back using dua is a typical task, so here we bring you the solution to the problem of getting love back. If you like someone and he or she is upset that you hurt them.

Video Explanation Of Dua

If you are in love with someone and he or she loves another, but you want him or her to come into your life. Then you should watch the video above and try to understand the full procedure to do dua to get my boyfriend back.

You can consult for your problem with Molana Faqeer Ali. who is an expert in this. He will help you to get your love of your desire and your all happiness.

Dua for someone to come back to you

People generally think that what has been lost will never return to them. But if you are determined, then dua for love can be used to fix up problems with your boyfriend after the fight.

This will help you regain all the affection, memories, time, and emotions that faded in the heat of the moment. Dua to get your ex-boyfriend back with the help of qurani wazifa. He will start to love you like never before.

And your relationship will be freed from the fear of breaking up ever again.

The Islamic Dua for Love Back is an effective and proven dua. That brings you your lost love in just a couple of days. Without any extra effort. Because the power of the Quran is beyond your imagination & our molana Ji are too there for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I win my ex boyfriend back?

You can easily get your ex boyfriend back by doing dua or wazifa in some holy place. You can also ask Islamic scholars for help to regain your love.

What to do if my boyfriend doesn’t eat that sweet?

If your lover is disappointed in you and does not eat sweet after reading dua, then you can perform this dua for love to come back. This is a similar but easier method of solving your relationship problem.

Is there a specific time to do this dua?

There is no such strict rule to perform love back dua. But for the best results, you should do it on Thursday.

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    Nikaah ke pahele chahe wo CITI group office, Goregaon jaha mein kaam karti hu waha ke ladke ho ya NGO – Make-a-difference jaha mein raza karti thi, Chartered-accountancy course ke dauraan GMCS ya BDO office, Goregaon ke muzaakar-dosto ke sath tafrehan ishq ladaati thi – ek azaad parinde ki tarah massah-allah ladko ke sath ghumne-firne me shukan milta tha. Nikaah ke baad na ki mein mere sache-pyaar ya boyfriends se phone pe baat kar paa ti hu na mein kissiko mil paati hu.
    Insah-allah, mujhe apni paheli wali zindagi mein mera pyar waapis chahiye aur mein naye shauhar ko talaakh dene ko bhi taiyaar hu. Iske liye jo bhi muhwazaa hoga befikra se batta do – WhatsApp ya call karke fauran dono number save bhi kar lo : +91-7715815606 ya +91-9619452775. Shauhar aas-paas hi hota raheta hai saara din, issiliye mujhe khudko phone karne me dikkat hoti hai. Whatsapp kare ya call ke waqt mein tajahul baratne ke ishaare karungi tab samaj lena shauhar aas-paas hi hai
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