Powerful Dua To Change Someones Mind

Aslam-U-Alaikum my dear sisters and brothers. Are you looking for Dua to change someone’s mind? So, read this post to get Dua to change someone’s mind only on QuraniDuain.com

Which Dua Is Used To Changing Someone’s Mind


If a parents want to marry his son or daughter to the person they want and your children do not agree with that person they like. You should recite Surah Fatir verse #22 111 times and blow on the person whom you want to change your mind.

Inshallah, Within some days he will change his/her mind to marry the person that you like. You should also recite Dua For Love Marriage To Agree Parents


If your parents do not agree with your love marriage. So, recite the most powerful name of Allah SWT Ya-Wadood and blow it on your parents. Inshallah, They will change their mind and agree with you to get married to whom you like. You should recite Praying For A Relationship With a Specific Person.

Precautions To Perform dua for Hidayat For Someone Step By Step

  • The first step is to say Allah’s name.
  • Prayers should be said in the direction of Mecca.
  • The second step is to recite Surah Fatiha.

Recite the following verses:

  • “Inna anzalna mina al-samawati wal-ard wa qur-inna ma khalaqnakum”
  • 2-“Wa inna al-insana mina al-‘ard wa qur-inna ma razaqnakum”
  • 3-“Wa inna al-‘insana mina al-‘arshil-‘arshi wa qur-inna ma fasawfa nakum”

2 Things You Should Do In Dua To Change Someone’s Mind


If anyone does not agree with anything. So, Recite Surah Fatiha Verse#4 and blow on that person. Inshallah, He/she will change his mind and agree with you on anything.


If any of my sister’s husbands do not agree with her. So, She should recite Surah Al-Baqara Verse #4 5 times before and after any of Durood Pak and blow on his husband. Inshallah, He will start to obey her and change his mind and will be agreed and also be happy with you.

Dua To Change Someones Mind
Dua To Change Someone’s Mind

Best Reasons Your Dua To Change Someone’s Mind. Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

If someone wants to change anyone’s mind agree for any valid purpose only. So, He/she should recite Surah Al-Yusuf 3 times before and after 11 times any of Durood Pak and blow on that person whom you want to change his mind. Inshallah, It will change his/her mind and agree with you.

Important Note

This wazifa can be performed only for valid wishes. An employer can recite this Wazifa to change his colleague’s mind. A wife can recite this wazifa for her husband.

The husband can recite this wazifa for his wife. Parents can recite this wazifa for their children. Also, children can recite this wazifa for their parents. But only for valid wishes otherwise, we are not responsible for un-valid wishes.

Most people want to change someone’s mind. Because everyone has different problems.
Some parents do not agree, Some husbands/wife does not agree, Some children do not agree, and Some officers do not agree to promote their junior or pay their salaries. Everyone can recite this wazifa to change someone’s mind.

Conditions For Start This Wazifa

  • Make a fresh ablution only
  • Start with Durood Pak
  • 5 Times Pray must perform
  • Begin with Bismillah
  • Must wear neat and clean clothes


You don’t ask us for permission. Because this is the name of Allah SWT and everyone can recite this name without asking us permission. This dua is only for walid wish.

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