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Assalamualaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, to all our Qurani Duain readers. Husbands are a very important part of life for every woman across the world.  Hence, it is very important to resolve all kinds of issues and arguments within time so that you live peacefully and happily forever.

How to make your husband love you again in Islam? If any of our sisters are not getting proper husband love in their life then they don’t have to worry now. As today Qurani Duain came with an important and valuable topic for our sisters that is “Dua to get husband love”.

Do you want to get your husband’s love in your life? If you want to get your husband’s love in your life then you have to read this article completely. 

Why do you need to read this article completely?

  • In this article you will get a successful dua for husband love.
  • This article helps you to make your husband madly love you.
  • This article helps you to make your divorce husband come back into your life.
  • This article provides you a powerful dua for husband health.

Marital problems take a very dark mode in any relationship when not taken care of properly. So if you want all this in your life and want to live happily with your husband forever then read this article fully. 

If you want proper blessing from Allah whenever you start new work or something new then read this “Surah al Quraysh”. So before reading this article you can read this Surah to get blessing from Allah.

“surah al Quraysh”

“˹At least˺ for ˹the favour of˺ making Quraysh habitually secure—

— Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the Clear Quran

For the accustomed security of the Quraysh1 -“

Powerful Dua For Husband Back

Which powerful dua for husband come back? Every wife in this world can’t live without their husband and wants the same love from their husband as they do to them.

If any of the sisters want to get husband love that never ends and get your husband back in your life then they can recite our successful and effective Dua “dua for husband back”.

Here is dua for husband back,

In Arabic; فَلَوْلَا إِذْ جَاءَهُم بَأْسُنَا تَضَرَّعُوا وَلَٰكِن قَسَتْ قُلُوبُهُمْ وَزَيَّنَ لَهُمُ الشَّيْطَانُ مَا كَانُوا يَعْمَلُونَ

In English; “If only, when Our calamity came upon them, they humbled themselves. But their hearts hardened, and Shaytan made their deeds appear good to them” [Qur’an 6:43]

This Dua “dua for Husband back” is the dua for husband love in Islam. For better results you can also read – dua for husband love and attraction.

In a happy married life, every wife expects a lots of love from her husband. But due to a weak bond and some misunderstandings between them, there is a lack of love between them. If you want lots of love from your husband then read our successful dua for husband back which is taken from the Quran.

Ultimate Explain step by Steps to perform dua to bring husband back

  • Wake up with a great smile in the early morning and do a relaxation exercise first to keep yourself calm.
  • Now search for a silent place where you can sit and pray to Allah to bring your husband back.
  • After this clean your place and sit on a mat so that you can start the prayer.
  • Now make a fresh ablution and then clean your face and hands to be in your heart and clean mind state.
  • And read the durood sharif 11 times and remember the face of your husband.
  • You can read surah-an-nur Ayat number 19 and pray to Allah to get your husband back to you.
  • Now read the durood sharif again and then read a sweet dish in the end. 

If you to win your husband heart in Islam then you have to read the dua with these above steps. This dua makes a man love a woman forever.

dua for husband come back
Islamic Dua To Bring Husband Back

Successful Wazifa For Husband To Come Back

How to make your husband love you again in Islam? If any of our sister want to make their husband love you again in islam. Then this powerful wazifa is for them. This wazifa helps you to make your husband madly love with you. 

If you want to get safe from the dark side of divorce then you need to take proper care of your husband’s mood and thoughts. You can stop complaining so much and start showing love towards husband to save your relationship before it gets to an end.

Here is Successful Wazifa for husband to come back,

  • First, you have to perform wudu means clean your self properly.
  • Then Recite Durood Sharif 11 times.
  • Then read this wazifa, In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. * O Allah, I ask You to bless my husband and to guide him to the straight path. * I ask You to increase the love between us and to make our marriage strong and happy.
  • After that again recite Durood Sharif 7 time.
  • At last pray to Allah for husband love.

This is a strong wazifa that is taken from the holy book Quran and it helps you get your lost love back in your life in just three days. If you read this Wazifa with the following points then it become more stronger and give you results quickly.

Precautions Guide to perform wazifa for husband come back

Precautions Guide to perform wazifa for husband come back
Precautions Guide to perform wazifa for husband come back

How do you make your husband crave for you? If you want to make your husband crave for you and make him like he can’t live with out you. Then you have to read above Successful wazifa with the following precautions. If you follow these precautions then you will get your desire results quickly.

  1. Take a pair of almonds and when you recite Isha salat and place them in your mouth.
  2. Then go read solely this part of Ayat n. # thirty-nine of the sacred text Quran chapter sixteen, Surah Taha: “Wa-alqaytu ‘Alayka ma’habbatan minnee walitusna-‘a’ ala A’aynee”
  3. Read it a hundred times, then scoop out the almonds and spit them on clean paper.
  4. Do it consequently for 7 times a day.
  5. Place them firmly on clean paper and wrap them.
  6. Ask Dua for my husband back from Allah.
  7. Insha Allah your dua would be fulfilled with the grace of Allah.

In case, while performing this dua or wazifa you face any difficulty. You must consult Molana Faqeer Ali as soon as possible for better results. Call now or Whatsapp.

Effective Dua To Bring Husband Back

How can i find my husband again for love? If any of our sisters in this world want to get husband’s love and want to bring your husband back into your life after the divorce. Then you must have to read this effective Dua “dua to bring husband back”.

This effective dua is taken from the Quran and experience by our many followers. This dua helps you to restore your relationship with your husband. 

Here is dua to bring husband back,

In Arabic:وَيَــا قَـرِيــبَ الْـعَـفْـوِ يَـــا مَـــوْلاَهُ
وَيَـــا مُـجِـيـبَ كُـــلِّ مَـــن دَعَــــاهُ

In English: O Master, You Whose pardon is near! O You Who help all who call on Him!

This dua helps you to Establishing great communication and understanding between spouse. This is the only way to win your partner’s heart. After such connections, your partner will start feeling comfortable and nourished with you.

It is very common today in modern relationships. In this situation, the best thing to use is dua to increase the love in the husband’s heart.

All your problems related to husband love will be solved after performing this dua for the husband to come back.

Famous Dua For Husband To Come Back Home

How do you make your husband come back home? If any of our Muslim sisters want to make their husband come back home immediately. Then they can recite our Famous Dua “dua for husband to come back home’. 

Here is our famous dua,

In Arabic;بِـكَ اسْتَغَثْـنَـا يَــا مُغِـيـثَ الضُّعَـفَـا
فَحَسْـبُـنَـا يَـــا رَبِّ أَنـــت وَكَــفَــى

In English; We seek Your help, O You who help the weak! You are enough for us, O Rabb!

If you want your husband to come back. Then one thing you have to do is to pray almighty (Allah). So today your brother brought a powerful dua which will help you to get your husband back guaranteed in 9 days. You have to do this dua with a pure heart and believe. 

What is the dua for husband in Quran?

The Dua for husband in Quran is “dua for husband back” is given in this article above. If our readers love his partner with the pure heart and felling but his partner love someone else. If you want him to love you then you can recite our powerful and effective dua for husband love.

Their is only a husband in wife’s life to whom she shares her thoughts and problems but if he don’t want to talk and love his wife. Then this is a bad phase in every sister’s life. If you want to change this bad phase to good time then you can read our most effective dua for husband back.

Niyyah For Husband To Come Back In One Day

How do I convince my husband to come back? If you want to convince your husband to come back to you then you can read this fabulous Niyyah. This Niyyah will help you to bring your husband into your life again in just one day. 
If you want to make your husband think about you all the time then you can read this Niyyah. 
Here is Niyyah for Husband,
  • First you have to clean yourself properly and wear freash clothes.
  • After that Recite Surah Yasin 7 times 
  • Now every time blow breath through the palm of the right hand on 7 almonds separately.
  • Give them to your spouse for eating all of them
  • Now pray to Allah for husband’s love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dua can I read to save my marriage?

To save your marriage and relationship, you must read dua to stop divorce after namaz. In 7 days you will see an improvement in your relationship with your partner.

What surah is good for the relationship between husband and wife?

Reading Surah Yasin is very beneficial in improving the relationship between husband and wife. All couples should read this surah of the Quran regularly.

How can I get my husband back?

You can win back your husband by reading dua and performing wazifa in the month of Ramadan. Doing this will help you attract and make your husband love you. The dua you will get above.


Every woman wants proper love and respect from their husband but many of our sisters don’t get love from their husband. This is because of some misunderstanding and small disputes between them.

If any of our sisters wants their husband’s love and wants their husband to come back in their life after the divorce for that you can recite our most effective dua for husband back that i have given in this article.

In this article you will get the most powerful dua’s for your husband to come back to you or to get husband love again.


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