Powerful And Best dua For Good Luck

Aslam-U-Alaikum Brothers and sisters. Are you searching Dua for Good Luck? Are you worried about Good Luck and want to start dua to open your luck? So, recite Dua For Good Luck only on QuraniDuain.com

Dear readers everyone is worried about their luck females even males. They are very worried about their luck they face disappointment from every side and want to open their luck. Do you want to open your good luck? So, follow these steps and recite this Dua for good luck.

Dua For Prosperity And Success


If you want to recite Dua for Good Luck. So, recite Surah Yaseen 1 time daily and pray from Allah SWT for your Good luck. Inshallah, Allah SWT will open all closed doors and you will succeed in every step of your life.

Dua For Good Luck
Dua For Good Luck

Note: Do it for 40 Days only, You Recite dua for success in quran.

Dua #2

Surah Ar-Rehman is another powerful dua for good luck. If a person faces lots of problems in his/her life. So, Start to recite Surah Ar-Rehman 3 times before and after 11 times Durood Pak after Zohr Prayer and pray from Allah SWT. Inshallah, Allah SWT will open all blessings door upon you.

Note: Do it for 41 Days only

Dua For Success In Everything


The most beautiful name of Allah SWT is Ya-Lateef has the most power for Good luck. Recite YaLateef 1000 times before and after Durood Pak after the Isha prayer. Inshallah, For the sake of this beautiful name Allah SWT will send his blessing on you.

Do it for 40 Days only.


Durood Ibrahim is another Dua for Good luck. It is very effective for removing our sins and protecting us from evil eyes. If a person recites Durood Ibrahim 100 times daily after Esha Prayer. Inshallah, You will get instant results from Durood Pak.

Note: Do it for 41 Days or continue forever.


Surah Ikhlas is the best dua for good luck. If a person recites Surah Ikhlas 41 times after Esha prayer. Allah SWT will open the door for him/her from unseen places.

Note: Do it for 41 Days only

Condition To Perform This Dua:

  • Make a Fresh Ablution
  • Begin and end with Durood Pak
  • Recite with Bismillah
  • Wear neat and clean clothes
  • Pray from Allah SWT for you Good Luck
  • Pay Sadaqa before start reciting this Dua to get instant results
  • Must Perform 5 times Prayers without
  • Must cover yourself and sit in a neat and silent place to concentrate on your purpose.

[su_box title=”Some Main Lines For You “]This dua also can recite to every person female and even male for their good luck. Because in this period everyone is facing lots of problems in their life. If the person starts reciting this dua. Inshallah, he/she will get instant results from this dua.[/su_box]

How do I say good luck to a Muslim?

You can establish a good bond with any Muslim if you have pure intentions, and a good mindset, Ye vile behaving with them.

For this, you need to read surah-al-nisa (verse 6:5) 6 times so that you can understand the depth of their determination and dedication towards Allah and bless them with whatever they want in their life.

This will help you to make a clear vision and optimum attention towards that person in such a way that you will feel connected to them and say good luck any time you want to wish them a happy and prosperous life.

How Can I Get Close To A Muslim Person?

If you are interested in their culture, then you can communicate In abetter be with them so that they can understand you and your intentions in a good way, and be with you whenever you want them in your life.

Is There Anyway I Can Pay Me Tribute To A Muslim Person?

If you are around a Muslim person whenever he or she needs you in their life, then you can pay a very good contribution in their life because giving time is the most valuable thing anyone can offer to other people.


This Dua is the most powerful Dua for Good Luck. Most people had to get benefits from this Dua and everyone has permission to recite this Dua. So, Recite this Dua and write a comment on what kind of benefits you get from this Dua.

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