Dua for Good Life Partner – Dua For Good Spouse From Quran


In the present scenario, many couples are fighting with each other on general issues which can be solved out peacefully with calm behavior.

But because of some misunderstandings and issues, there is a lack of emotional intimacy and understanding between the partners.

If you read this Dua regularly, then you’ll be able to get close with your partner in a very short period of time with satisfactory results.

How To Get Good Life Partner In Life?

Any individual cannot find a great life partner without the help of Allah and his parents. If you want a life partner without any problem in the process of love marriage.

then you have to read the special dinner which will help you to get A person whom you can love and Marry In a couple of weeks you will get happiness and peaceful moments in your life in a very fast way.

In a happy relationship, there is a commitment and companionship which cannot be neglect if you want a happy and prosperous relationship. To get that kind of life partner, you need to struggle a lot with your desires and needs.


Those people who need a very good life partner for them to spend quality time for the rest of their life must read this do carefully because it will help you to achieve great happiness and a peaceful lifestyle with your Life partner.

After reading this do I will not face any kind of problem from your partner and you will receive good marriage happiness for the rest of Your life from husband and wife itself.

You will get a very good spouse that you cannot imagine and you will get love, care and respect every day in increasing order with the passing time.

Dua For Good Life Partner

Assalam Alaikum to all readers. May Allah bless you with the best you deserve! I get a lot of requests from people to provide ‘dua for a good life partner’ for their daughter and son these days.

So today I decided to give you the best dua for a good spouse because many people face problems finding good husbands or wives. However, there is nothing to worry about because there is an Islamic dua to get true love.

As an individual or parent, you can recite this dua on a regular basis to find your soul mate. If you have problems in your marriage, for example, you do not receive a good marriage proposal. Then also this dua will provide you benefits that you cannot even imagine.

Here Is perform dua for good life partner

  • Make a fresh ablution in the early morning and then go into a silent room.
  • Clean your surroundings there and sit on a mat to pray.
  • After this read two rakat rafil namaz and then close your eyes.
  • Then read durood Shareef 101 times and pray to Allah for a good life partner.
  • After this, you can read surah Rahman 9 times and then eat a sweet dish yo and your prayer.
Dua For Good Life Partner
Here Is perform dua for good life partner

Important Note

There are a lot of benefits that you cannot even imagine if you read it carefully and peacefully. You must read this device when you are alone and you have to mention all the qualities that what you need in your good life partner.

It is very important to be very clear with your prayers well reciting it to Allah because then only you will get amazing life partner that you are wishing for. It isAdvisable for girls do not read this the way in their period because then they will not get a good life partner that they want. If they want a life partner of their desire, then they should read it in their normal days to get maximum benefit.

Dua For Good Spouse From Quran

dua for good spouse or life partner
Are you looking for a good life partner or a true soul mate? Then you must read this Islamic dua for a good spouse.

The above dua to find a good spouse is very effective, you can recite it after the tahajjud prayer. Insha Allah, after reading this for a couple of weeks, you will successfully find your true love and marry him.

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In addition, for those parents who are struggling to get good marriage proposals for their children, this Islamic dua for a good life partner is also very beneficial for them.

With this, you should also follow the following procedure to make dua for a good husband and wife. So you will get faster results.

The procedure of Doing Dua to Get Good Life Partner

  • Start by making fresh wudoo.
  • Now first you have to read two rakat nafil namaz.
  • Then you have to recite durood-e-fath 40 times.
  • Now you have to read dua for good spouse (life partner) shown in the image above.
  • Re-read durood-e-fath.
  • Lastly, pray to Allah for a good life partner.
Dua to Get Good Life Partner
The procedure of Doing Dua to Get Good Life Partner

Do this dua to get married regularly for 9 days. Insha Allah, within these nine days you will get a good spouse.

This process is slow but it will work. If you want immediate results, you can contact maulana sahib on WhatsApp by clicking the button below.

Girls can stop reading this dua during menstruation and will start thereafter.

If The Above Dua Is Not Working For You Then Do This

If you are not looking forward to the results of the above-mentioned Dua, then we have an additional Dua on our list which will help you in a very beneficial way that you can get an amazing results and Look forward to a great lifestyle and happy moments between you and your partner. Just read the instructions mentioned below in a careful way.

  • Get up in the morning and try to wear good clothes.
  • Wash your hands and face properly and then take a paper in your hand.
  • Write the qualities you need in your partner on that paper.
  • Now read durood-E-Pak and then make a blow in the air.
  • After this pray to Allah to get a good life partner.
  • Now eat a sweet dish in the end.
If The Above Dua Is Not Working For You Then Do This
If The Above Dua Is Not Working For You Then Do This


Getting a good spouse is the ultimate goal of every individual. Because marriage is an important part of one’s life and one has to spend life only with that particular life partner.

You can also read – dua to marry someone of your choice.

You have to be committed to the right one so that your married life is better and happier. That is why we bring you this ‘powerful dua for a good spouse’ from the Quran Shareef.

Follow the dua procedure outlined above with deep faith. I assure you, your heart will be relieved after doing this, and you will definitely find the one you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Parents Read This Dua For Their Daughter?

Yes, parents can also read this Dua for amazing results if their children is not willing to read this Dua. Keep faith in Allah and read this dua continuously so that he will shower blessings on you and your family.

How To Solve Issue Between Couples After Marriage?

When you try to get rid of all the arguments and issues taking place between both of you, then you will realise that the love and emotions have started developing between both of you. This will help you resolve all issues between both of you.

How Can I Get Good Marriage Proposals?

Your marriage proposals will all depends on the Dubai you are making with all your mind and soul. If you are believing in Allah and making consistent prayer, then Allah will send you so many marriage proposals suitable for you.

Will This Dua Give Me Happiness After Marriage?

Yes it is believed that those person who read this Dua with all their mind and soul leave happily for the rest of their life. They will not face any kind of problem related to their marriage or family in the future.

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